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Two days of craziness...

We've been in Japan for more than two weeks at this point so we figure we know a few tricks when it came to subways and bus.  Tokyo is a whole new city.

Crab Vending Machine
We stayed at the Sakura Hotel, ironically, one of the cheapest hotels of our trip.  Close by (walking distance) is the emperors castle (good for a morning visit), and a number of subways connections.  Andrea, Mark and I are employees of Electronic Arts (Canada) so before we left we arranged to get a tour of the Electronics Arts building in Japan.  Our Japan offices are interesting micro version of the Electronic Arts world wide and their generosity showing the office was appreciated.

After the tour (and lunch) we headed up to Shinjuku to see the Tokyo Metropolitan Building - the center of government in Tokyo.  This 50 story building has two observation decks - one on each tower and we were happy to go up and take a look around.

Metropolitan From Observing Deck Tokyo Metropolitan Building From Front

Council Building Courtyard of City Council Building

Lights In ShinjukuSteamed Buns
Watching sunset in the towers and canyons of Tokyo was invigorating - orange light is slowly replaced by blue and the neon gets brighter to replace it.  For dinner we took the train to Shibuya and found a Jackie's (as in Jackie Chan's) restaurant and tried Chinese - our first chinese of the trip.  Shibuya has a great night life and a 100 Yen store, so we filled our tourist bags and returned home.


For geeks, there simply isn't another Akihabara. Also close to the Sakura Hotel, we spent the better part of the day exploring the shops. My personal best was DVD-R's, 50 discs for 80 Dollars US - I only bought 5 discs and I'm kicking myself. David found 30 meter SVideo cables. Mark found a translation PDA that was state of the art and cheap.

Akihabara Lights LAOX BuildingManga Shrine
Scary DollsBack Street Akihabara

Oden Stand
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LAOX Building
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Council Building
Tags: city, Tokyo
Steamed Buns
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Oden Stand
Tags: Japan, seafood, street food
Crab Vending Machine
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Tokyo Metropolitan Building From Front
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Courtyard of City Council Building
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Manga Shrine
Tags: shopping, torii
Lights In Shinjuku
Tags: city, Japan
Metropolitan From Observing Deck
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Back Street Akihabara
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Scary Dolls
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Akihabara Lights
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