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A little ski trip at Manning Park

During the winter, Helen and I enjoy a bit of cross country skiing.  A few years ago Helen and some friends did a Sigge's bus trip to Manning Park.  After a false start, we eventually booked seats on a trip and way early in the morning we were on a bus heading out to Manning Park.

Starting OutHelen Give Push
Mark Starting OutHelen Fell Down
Manning Park is about 3 hours away from Vancouver and having driven it a few times in the past, it's not a trip I would do as a day trip very often [really].   Riding on a bus (sleeping much of it) seems to be a much more realistic way to do the trip. 

The Three Of Us

When we arrived we first stopped at the lodge (bathroom break) and then drove up to Lightning lakes.  We got our ski's and got out on the impressively smooth runs.

Helen Head ShotHelen By Lake
Most of my cross country skiing experience in the last few years has been on Cypress which is anything but flat.  It's a good work out if you are so inclined (and you will be inclined), but it's hardly a stroll in the park.

Helen Happy Its Flat

We skied back to the lodge for lunch and after lunch tried to take a few action shots.  Cross country is hardly an action adventure sport so with my one medium length lens it was hard to get a really compelling image
Sun Peaking Through HelenSun Peaking Through Mark

I tried to get some environmental shots (it really was beautiful with the overcast sky and the recently fallen snow) but again, compelling is somewhat hard to come by.

Rainbow BridgeTrees In ForestBright Spot

We ended the day with a ski across the lake.  There was a well beaten trail across the lake and we met people coming the other way but Helen wasn't too impressed with out run out.  I loved it.  What do you do.   

Mark On Lake

The bus ride back had wine and cheese, some snacky veggies and much more "awake" time.  We munched on the lunches we packed but didn't eat and arrived back in Vancouver in pretty good shape.  Overall, a very good day.

Trees In Forest
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Helen Head Shot
Person: Helen
Helen Happy Its Flat
Person: Helen
Bright Spot
Tags: forest, snow
Mark Starting Out
Person: Mark
Sun Peaking Through Mark
Tags: forest, skiing, snow
Helen Fell Down
Person: Helen
Starting Out
Person: Helen, Mark
Tags: skiing
Sun Peaking Through Helen
Tags: skiing, snow
Mark On Lake
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Helen By Lake
Person: Helen
The Three Of Us
Person: Helen, John, Mark
Rainbow Bridge
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Helen Give Push
Person: Helen, Mark
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