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February 2024

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Chinatown Parade

Claira wanted to go to the Chinatown parade this year.  It was raining and Claira had a morning programming class so we got dropped off shortly before the parade started.  We managed to walk to near where the parade begins (which is good for red packets) but as soon as the parade starts, the crowd surged forward two lanes and we got left on the curb.  we did work our way up to catch the show, but this location isn't great.

Standing With Head Of DragonDragon Chasing Pearl Of Wisdom
This year is year of the dragon so there seemed to be more dragons than usual in the parade. 

Dragon Up Close

You feel bad for the performers because the rain didn't let up. 

Swinging Large BannersWet Lion

God Of Wealth With UmbrellaCircle Of Dragon

We had some nice weather and both kids are in Basketball so we decided to go down to Granville island and explore the courts next to the community center.  Surprisingly the court was empty so the kids shot for a while.

Nara Lining Up LayupClaira Lining Up Layup

VanDusen Gardens 

Helen kindly gave me a VanDusen family seasons pass for Christmas.  Again, a mostly nice day so decided to take a walk in the morning and catch up one what has changed.
Longer Furry CatkinsFurry Catkins

Claira Making Faces With David DouglasSitting On Giant Chairs

As an example of before - this large plaza was once a Korean Pavilion:

Korean Building

But it had structural problems and is now gone.  Similarly, this tree:
Bench With Red And Green
Is sadly now just a stump.  That said, I'm sure there are new things I didn't really notice on this first trip back.

SnowdropsSkeletonized Leaf

On the ride home, I decided to stop in to see a bloom of crocus growing in the median of a road in Shaughnessy.  These crocus come up every year and I just happened to have my camera hand to take photos.
Crocus Pushing Up Through GrassCrocus Growing In MedianBright Yellow Stamen

This same street has a number of cherry blossom trees that are quite nice in spring.  I hope to return when it's blooming.

Standing With Head Of Dragon
Tags: dragon, parade, Vancouver Chinatown
Claira Making Faces With David Douglas
Altitude: 98m (321 feet)
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Furry Catkins
Crocus Pushing Up Through Grass
Altitude: 70m (229 feet)
Location: Go To...
Bright Yellow Stamen
Altitude: 70m (229 feet)
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Circle Of Dragon
Tags: dragon, parade, Vancouver Chinatown
Dragon Up Close
Tags: dragon, parade, Vancouver Chinatown
Skeletonized Leaf
Altitude: 81m (265 feet)
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Swinging Large Banners
God Of Wealth With Umbrella
Wet Lion
Tags: lion dance, parade, Vancouver Chinatown
Crocus Growing In Median
Altitude: 72m (236 feet)
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Claira Lining Up Layup
Person: Claira
Nara Lining Up Layup
Person: Nara
Sitting On Giant Chairs
Person: Claira, Helen
Altitude: 91m (298 feet)
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Longer Furry Catkins
Dragon Chasing Pearl Of Wisdom
Tags: dragon, parade, Vancouver Chinatown
Tags: Vancouver Chinatown(5), parade(5), dragon(4), lion dance(1)
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