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Hard time at the Playground and Eric and Gabi's House Warming


 Hand On The SlideNara Pulling Herself To The Next Level
Being a little less than two is a tricky age.  Playgrounds are obviously awesome, but you are old enough to know you can't do everything but not big enough to actually make it work.  In the last few weeks Nara has mastered the step to the second level of the playground which has opened up the taller slides.

Spiral Slide

The cargo net is proving harder.  The holes are quite far apart for a two year old, even though the net starts right at ground level.  About half of the attempts up end in disaster, but the few successes justify the effort.  It's tough to photograph and rescue at the same time but Nara is getting good enough that rescues are much rarer.

Sitting In Climbing NetTaking ABreak Walking UpABit Of ASlip

I'm glad she hasn't yet found the fireman's pole for getting down - that is going to be a rough few weeks.


Lexi-May Flirting With Helen
My cousin Jessica had a Baby in January we hadn't yet had a chance to visit.  We finally got a chance to fix that.  Lexi-May is now two plus months old and Mom and Dad are looking surprisingly awake given the lifestyle.  Nara really like the ride on frog.

Lexi-May Looking At YouNara Giving Lexi-May High Five

Eric and Gabi's House Warming

Quick - go to a party.  Bring your old camera with low ISO settings, without a flash to a not so bright room.  Add in rapidly moving children.  Now expect to take a decent photo of every one of the children.  Fail.

Loren Looking Back
Eric and Gabi kindly organized a combination House Warming/Baby Shower/Brunch for a busy Saturday morning.  Amazingly, most of the families were free and light on illness so for the first time we brought most of our children together.  (That task will be made harder soon - Sean and Catherine's first child is due at the end of March and Brendon and Ashley have left the country).  Getting all of the children together in one room was a lot of fun to see.

Loren Looking UpLoren And His Sister

As a parent it is tricky to try and parent and talk intelligently at the same time.  You get brief windows when the children either self entertain or your spouse takes over, but the remained of the time makes you look like an idiot to your childless friends.  The kids of course have a great time.

Abby And JesseAbby With ReflectionHaley Never Stops Moving
David And NoelleNara Not Quite SureXander On The Floor

  Huge thanks to Gabi and Eric for putting on such a great event.  They really set the bar terribly high.

Loren Looking Up
Person: Loren
Sitting In Climbing Net
Person: Nara
Tags: playground
Taking ABreak Walking Up
Person: Nara
Tags: playground
Loren Looking Back
Person: Loren
David And Noelle
Person: David, Noelle
Nara Giving Lexi-May High Five
Person: Lexi May, Nara
Xander On The Floor
Person: Xander
Haley Never Stops Moving
Person: Haley
Nara Not Quite Sure
Person: Nara
Nara Pulling Herself To The Next Level
Tags: playground
Loren And His Sister
Person: Loren, Noelle
Lexi-May Looking At You
Person: Lexi May
Abby And Jesse
Person: Abby, Jesse
ABit Of ASlip
Person: Nara
Lexi-May Flirting With Helen
Person: Lexi May
Hand On The Slide
Abby With Reflection
Person: Abby
Spiral Slide
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Tags: playground(4), slide(1)
People: Nara(5), Lexi May(3), Loren(3), Abby(2), Noelle(2), Jesse(1)
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