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Random activities in a nice month

Symphony of Fire

It was another great year for fireworks.  Canada did a wizard of Oz themed presentation that I thought was quite good.  My favorite part was the rainbow - I really wished I had brought out my camera.  Total presentation though, China was my personal favorite.  In previous shows they have been smoky, and this year was no different, but they seemed able to make due.

Barge And BridgeBlue Burts With Ground EffectsRed Random Explosions

Yew Lake

Ever have an extra hour free on the North Shore?  We drove up to Cypress Mountain and walked up to Yew Lake.  It's a nice little walk and it really is wheel chair accessible.

Yew Lake With FogWet HardhackHandfull Of Blueberries

Blue berries were out everywhere.  It is quite surprising how much comerical blue berries are different from the wild variety.  The wild berries are smaller and have way more seeds, but the flavors are much more intense.  That said, I suspect you aren't supposed to pick berries in a provincial park.

Three Pictures of a Flower

My sister invited us to meet them half way for lunch on a sunny summer weekend. We picked Gary Point in Steveston as our place to meet.

Brown Eyed Susans Growing In Dry Field
After lunch the local tourist fleecing establishments (costly and not so great), we went for a short walk around the point.  I've been to this point before and I'm always impressed by the fields of Brown Eyed Susans.  These are local plants (although these may be garden escaped plants) built for this climate.  The grass in the park is long since scortched, but these local plants are green and flowering.  Impressed.

Close In On Brown Eyed SusanBrown Eyed Susans Undershot

Always on the lookout for new technique, I tried the "understand wideangle" shot.  Turns out there is a trick - you really want to cover the sun with the flower otherwise the sky blows out to white.  Good to know.

Brown Eyed Susans Undershot
Species: Gaillardia aristata (common gaillardia, brown eyed susan)
Altitude: 4m (13 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: flower, underneath
Barge And Bridge
Tags: fireworks
Red Random Explosions
Tags: fireworks
Wet Hardhack
Species: Spiraea douglasii (rose spirea, hardhack)
Altitude: 928m (3044 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: flower
Blue Burts With Ground Effects
Tags: fireworks
Yew Lake With Fog
Altitude: 922m (3024 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: Cypress Mountain, fog, lake
Close In On Brown Eyed Susan
Species: Gaillardia aristata (common gaillardia, brown eyed susan)
Tags: flower
Handfull Of Blueberries
Tags: fruit
Brown Eyed Susans Growing In Dry Field
Species: Gaillardia aristata (common gaillardia, brown eyed susan)
Altitude: 6m (19 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: field, flowers
Tags: fireworks(3), flower(3), fruit(1), fog(1), lake(1), Cypress Mountain(1)
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