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August 2023

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Pinwheels In Morning Sun
My aunt and uncle kind host a family reunion at the family farm every August.  My maternal grandparents had four children who each had two or three kids and now the next generation is filling in.  Getting everyone to the Island is a bit of a trick (ferries, hotels) but my Aunt and family make it easier by providing meals, spaces for tents and a full agenda of things to do.


2023 Congratulations BoardMy Aunt put up a sign saying congratulations to Chrissy and Andrew, Raelynn and Madison.  Chrissy and Andrew have announced their engagement!

Andrew And Chrissy With CakeCake Cutting

Raelynn With Breakfast
Raelynn is Jessica's third child, born in the fall of 2022.

Raelynn With MomRaelynn Is Too Hot

In 2024 we welcomed Madison to the world!

Madison With Chrissy And AndrewMadison With MariaMadison With Mom

There is no shortage of desserts, snacks and drinks out and everyone gets

Dad Delivering FoodBringing Out DessertCake And CupcakesCookies And Squares

The kids don't mind eating treats first thing in the morning, but very quickly they get into activities.

Mackenzie Colouring Her LegMackenzie With CupcakeArabella Running Playing TagBacklit Hair

Large Scale Checkers
There was a bunch of different games setup around for the kids to play.

Connect FourPlaying Volleyball

James Ax Throwing MasterJames Cutting It CloseNara Ax Throwing Sniper 

Kaylee Starting To ShootBeau ALittle WetJames With Watergun

Beau With Water PistolSpray Towards ArabellaKaylee After Marcus

Making DessertLexi Running Playing TagLooking Into Neighbours Field

One of the big wins for the kids was the slurpie machine.  You mix in fruit juice and machine turns it into slush.  Being a hot day the kids really enjoy the drinks.

Arabella Post Heat SlushieClaira Post Heat SlushieLexi Post Heat Slushie
Sisters With Their DrinksRed Cup Slushie

Claira With French BraidsJessica And RaelynnDrawing On Hands
  Kayla And NathanKaylee In MorningKids DancingSmall Parade Of Pinwheels

Marcus And His MomGoing For Car Ride
Kayla On ATVNara Riding On ATVChrissy Riding On ATV

Jennifer organized a scavenger hunt for the kids.  We loaded up the kids into the waggon and then drove into the fields to look for clues.
  Loading Wagon For Scavenger Hunt

Found The Prize TubFish From The BucketMackenzie With David

Lexi And ZukoDo We Share The PrizeBucket Hiding On Fencepost
Fruit Snacks In Tree

Prizes Hiding In FieldSupport VehiclePrize Purse

Working Through Puzzle With Pingpong BallTractor With Support VehicleOn The Lookout For Prizes

Waiting Under Umbrella

Arabella Taking On ChallengeJames At Fishing ChallengeKaylee With Ping Pong Balls

Kiera Moving With BowlsLexi At Fishing ChallengeMackenzie With Hula HoopMarcus With Hula Hoops

Diana Enjoying The RideDiana Hand Gestures To Blind Husband

Kids Doing Wheelbarrow ChallengeTaylor Pointing For Blindfolded DriverStart Of Wheelbarrow Challenge

Jessica And Her Kids

Jessica And SheltonJohn Helen And Family
John Parents And KidsJulies Family

Janet And Lloyd And GrandkidsJennifer And David And Family

Sonia And Kevin FamilyMaria And FamilyNathan And Jessica
Whole FamilyWilliams FamilyWilliams Family With Grandparents

Chrissy And AndrewDavid And Shauna FamilyThe Grandchild Generation

Chatting As The Sun Sets
Sides For Taco NightDesserts With Churros

Dad With DessertNathan With DessertNara And Helen

Helen And ClairaJennifer And KaylaTaylor And Justin

Making Breakfast

One Male ChickenTaylor With Baskets Of Eggs

Putting Eggs Into BasketLost Eggs

Looking For EggsKiera With Basket Of EggsKaylee Picking Up EggsFinding Eggs In Wood Shavings

Connect Four
Tags: game
Small Parade Of Pinwheels
Person: Claira, Mackenzie
Tags: pinwheel
Lexi Post Heat Slushie
Person: Lexi May
Tractor With Support Vehicle
Going For Car Ride
Kayla On ATV
Person: Kayla
Desserts With Churros
Tags: dessert
Fish From The Bucket
Cake And Cupcakes
Tags: cake, dessert
2023 Congratulations Board
Nara Riding On ATV
Claira Post Heat Slushie
Person: Claira
Tags: drink
Chrissy And Andrew
Raelynn With Breakfast
Person: Raelynn
Sides For Taco Night
Nathan With Dessert
Person: Nathan
Julies Family
Prizes Hiding In Field
Jessica And Her Kids
Start Of Wheelbarrow Challenge
Person: DavidJ, Kayla
Taylor With Baskets Of Eggs
John Helen And Family
Person: Claira, Helen, John, Nara
Madison With Chrissy And Andrew
Person: Chrissy, Madison
Williams Family
Person: Diana, Jeff, Marcus
Dad Delivering Food
Person: Lloyd
Jessica And Raelynn
Person: Jessica, Raelynn
Chrissy Riding On ATV
Madison With Maria
Person: Madison
Loading Wagon For Scavenger Hunt
Kaylee In Morning
Person: Kaylee
John Parents And Kids
Taylor Pointing For Blindfolded Driver
Mackenzie With David
Person: DavidJ, Mackenzie
Sisters With Their Drinks
Person: Arabella, Lexi May
Tags: drink
Helen And Claira
Person: Claira
Raelynn Is Too Hot
Person: Raelynn
The Grandchild Generation
Jennifer And David And Family
Red Cup Slushie
Person: Kaylee
Tags: drink
Lexi And Zuko
Person: Lexi May
Kayla And Nathan
Person: Kayla, Nathan
Kaylee With Ping Pong Balls
Person: Kaylee
Cake Cutting
Nathan And Jessica
Person: Jessica, Nathan
Andrew And Chrissy With Cake
Madison With Mom
Person: Madison, Shauna
Claira With French Braids
Person: Claira
Sonia And Kevin Family
Nara And Helen
Lexi Running Playing Tag
Arabella Post Heat Slushie
Waiting Under Umbrella
Fruit Snacks In Tree
Bringing Out Dessert
Person: Janet
Tags: dessert
Lexi At Fishing Challenge
Person: Lexi May
Kids Doing Wheelbarrow Challenge
Person: James, Kaylee
Mackenzie Colouring Her Leg
Person: Mackenzie
James With Watergun
Person: James
Making Dessert
Prize Purse
Nara Ax Throwing Sniper
Do We Share The Prize
Person: Arabella, Nara
Arabella Taking On Challenge
Person: Arabella
Bucket Hiding On Fencepost
Diana Enjoying The Ride
Person: Diana, Jeff
Cookies And Squares
Marcus With Hula Hoops
Person: Justin
Chatting As The Sun Sets
Kaylee Starting To Shoot
Person: Kaylee
Beau ALittle Wet
Person: Beau
Kiera With Basket Of Eggs
Person: Keira
Tags: eggs
Kaylee After Marcus
Looking Into Neighbours Field
Person: Kaylee, Nara
Mackenzie With Hula Hoop
Person: Mackenzie
Williams Family With Grandparents
Person: Diana, James, Janet, Jeff, Lloyd, Marcus
Finding Eggs In Wood Shavings
Jessica And Shelton
Person: Arabella, Jessica, Lexi May, Raelynn, Shelton
Pinwheels In Morning Sun
David And Shauna Family
James Ax Throwing Master
Person: James, Nara
Jennifer And Kayla
Person: Claira, Jennifer
On The Lookout For Prizes
Large Scale Checkers
Person: James, Kaylee
Tags: game
Drawing On Hands
Person: Arabella, Lexi May
Working Through Puzzle With Pingpong Ball
Dad With Dessert
Support Vehicle
One Male Chicken
Tags: chicken
Raelynn With Mom
Person: Jessica, Raelynn
Spray Towards Arabella
Lost Eggs
Tags: eggs
James At Fishing Challenge
Person: James
Putting Eggs Into Basket
Person: Keira
Tags: eggs
Maria And Family
Kaylee Picking Up Eggs
Person: Kaylee
Tags: eggs
Taylor And Justin
James Cutting It Close
Person: James, Nara
Beau With Water Pistol
Person: Beau
Looking For Eggs
Whole Family
Kiera Moving With Bowls
Person: Keira
Playing Volleyball
Kids Dancing
Diana Hand Gestures To Blind Husband
Marcus And His Mom
Person: Diana, Marcus
Arabella Running Playing Tag
Mackenzie With Cupcake
Person: Mackenzie
Found The Prize Tub
Making Breakfast
Backlit Hair
Person: Kaylee, Nara
Janet And Lloyd And Grandkids
Tags: eggs(4), dessert(3), drink(3), game(2), cake(1), chicken(1)
People: Kaylee(9), James(7), Nara(6), Lexi May(6), Claira(6), Raelynn(5)
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