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September 2009

Go to Slide Show Smaller Images The end of summer and the start of mushroom season

Helen Looking Up Mushroom
If you do the math, you would think September is pretty much like March.  Both months an equinox in them when you see days exactly half night and exactly half day.  The longest day of the year (June 20th or 21st  depending on the leap year) is the same distance away.  Thankfully, September doesn't feel at all like March - some years it seems almost as good as August.  Sadly by the end of the month, you are reminded that winter is unstoppable in it's approach and you might as well get the jackets out.

We decided to take a short walk in Pacific Spirit Park.   Jin and Jesse generously had us over to help harvest their bumper crop of plums so we took Jesse and Haley with us on our walk in the park.

Haley HidingHaley Looking Over ShoulderHaley Might Be Okay
Spent Fireweed In Sun
Ideally I was hoping to see tasty mushrooms I could take home, but I think we were just too early in the season and we just hadn't had enough rain.  I'm relying on my skills from mushroom hunting last year so while I saw mushrooms, I wouldn't call any of them edible because I couldn't 100% identify them.

Pear Shaped PuffballMeadow Mushrooms Pushing Up

Richmond Night Market

Salt Lights
Speaking of change os seasons, we decided to go to the Summer Night Market for a walk and graze the food stalls.  The night markets hasn't really recovered from the trauma two years ago - many of the stalls were empty (even in the food area) and the crowds we similarly missing. 

Sadly EmptyStalls At Night Market

Stall Selling LEDsHurricane Potatoes
We did see a few new things.   "Hurricane Potatoes" have apparently jumped the Pacific.  We had these on Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong and I could swear I saw them in Japan.  These were sold in stands run by Korean proprietors and were available dipped in different salts or with difference sauces.  We had plain with catchup - all the yummie you would expect.

Haley Might Be Okay
Person: Haley
Meadow Mushrooms Pushing Up
Species: Agaricus campestris (Field mushroom, Meadow mushroom)
Tags: mushroom, Pacific Spirit Regional Park
Haley Looking Over Shoulder
Person: Haley
Sadly Empty
Tags: Richmond Night Market
Pear Shaped Puffball
Species: Morganella pyriformis (pear-shaped puffball)
Tags: moss, mushroom, Pacific Spirit Regional Park
Helen Looking Up Mushroom
Tags: flare, high contrast, vignetting
Salt Lights
Tags: Richmond Night Market, salt, silhouette, sunset
Spent Fireweed In Sun
Species: Chamerion angustifolium (fireweed)
Tags: Pacific Spirit Regional Park
Stall Selling LEDs
Tags: Richmond Night Market
Stalls At Night Market
Tags: Richmond Night Market
Haley Hiding
Person: Haley
Hurricane Potatoes
Tags: Richmond Night Market, street food
Tags: Richmond Night Market(5), Pacific Spirit Regional Park(3), mushroom(2), flare(1), vignetting(1), high contrast(1)
People: Haley(3)
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