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From The Website:
Amazingly, the condo web site is still up, but it's pretty crusty (register now for to be first!).  They took some promo shots from what would be the 12th to 15th floor, ignoring that this is a 10 story building.  The shots are pretty nice:

Day North

Night North

And they have an artists mock up from across the corner:

Artists Mockup

I never did get a color glossy brochure for the appliances, but I did find them all on the internet.  They have since been discontinued (except the cook top) so we'll see what happens when I move in.

Range Hoodcooktopmicrowave

FridgeWasher DryerDishwasheroven

I'm actually quite sad to loose my microwave - I love the interface on it.  The cooktop is supposed to be black.  I'm really not sure what cooking on gas will be like - the only time I've done it I burned myself real good.

Got Plans?


Got Building?

My Building
March 12th, 2005
They have knocked down the old building and leveled the lot. 

House Update
April 10th, 2005
First application of spraycrete + retaining bolts.  They are about a story down now.

Crane Being Built
April 16th, 2005
Up goes the crane.  There are have been as many as three cranes at work so I've seen them go up and down.  Still, it was cool to see your own crane go up.

Building Update
May 8th, 2005
The solid outer wall of the foundation is going in.  They have dug the deepest part of the build where the elevator core is going to be located (I believe).

House Update
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Washer Dryer
Night North
Crane Being Built
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My Building
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Range Hood
Building Update
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Day North
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