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it's cold!

It was the end of September and I just had to see some alpine flowers.  Jer's friends were hanging out in Squamish so we set off to Sqamish.

Jer and Friends

After visiting Nick, we went up to Whistler.  We arrived at 5pm and got the discounted lift ticket up.  It was rainy and cold.

Layers of MountainsKaren FreezingJer Freezing

As ugly as the weather was, the fields were blooming.  From what I undestand, these fields have a growing season of a few months and blossum for a few weeks.

FieldField with Sign

And the flowers were nice!  The weather was passing - it was mostly dark, overcast and raining but there were short periods when the sun came out and lit up the flowers.  I brought a tripod and most of the pictures required it.

Artic Lupine - Lupinus arcticusYellow Flowers

Dwarf Fireweed Flowers in a FieldFlowers by Rock

And then a rainbow came out!  Yeah!


Karen Freezing
Person: Karen
Tags: alpine, atmospheric perspective
Dwarf Fireweed
Species: Chamerion latifolium (dwarf fireweed)
Tags: alpine, flower
Yellow Flowers
Tags: flower
Jer and Friends
Person: Jeremy
Flowers by Rock
Tags: alpine, flowers, meadow
Jer Freezing
Person: Jeremy
Tags: summit
Tags: alpine, meadow, vista
Field with Sign
Tags: alpine, meadow, vista
Flowers in a Field
Tags: alpine, flowers
Tags: rainbow, shallow depth of field
Layers of Mountains
Tags: atmospheric perspective, summit
Artic Lupine - Lupinus arcticus
Species: Lupinus arcticus (Arctic Lupine)
Tags: alpine, flower
Tags: alpine(7), meadow(3), flower(3), atmospheric perspective(2), summit(2), vista(2)
People: Jeremy(2), Karen(1)
From: John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Hiking Around Whistler
From: John Harvey Photo > Hiking Around Whistler

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