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Kingdom: Animalia (Animal)
Phylum/Division: Chordata (chordates)
Subphylum/Subdivision: Vertebrata (vertebrates)
Infraphylum/Infradivision: Gnathostomata (jawed vertebrates)
Superclass: Osteichthyes (bony fishes)
Superclass: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes)
Infraclass: Teleostei
Order: Perciformes (perch-like fishes)
Suborder: Acanthuroidei (surgeonfishes)
Family: Acanthuridae (surgeonfishes, tangs)
Genus: Zebrasoma
Species: Zebrasoma flavescens (yellow tang)



Genus: Acanthurus (common surgeonfishes, doctorfishes)
Species: Acanthurus olivaceus (orangespot tang)


Species: Acanthurus triostegus (convict surgeonfish, convict tang)





Species: Acanthurus blochii (ringtail surgeonfish, whitetail surgeonfish)


Species: Acanthurus nigrofuscus (Dusky Surgeonfish)


Genus: Naso (nosefishes, unicornfishes)
Species: Naso unicornis (brown unicornfish)


Family: Zanclidae (Moorish idols)
Genus: Zanclus
Species: Zanclus cornutus (Moorish idol)




Suborder: Labroidei (parrotfishes, rainbowfishes)
Family: Scaridae (parrotfishes)
Subfamily: Scarinae
Genus: Chlorurus
Species: Chlorurus sordidus (Bullethead parrotfish)


Family: Labridae (rainbowfishes, wrasses)
Genus: Gomphosus (bird fishes, bird wrasses)
Species: Gomphosus varius (birdfish, bird wrasse)
Gender: Female

Gender: Female

Gender: Missing
Genus: Thalassoma (wrasses)
Species: Thalassoma duperrey (Saddle Wrasse)


Species: Thalassoma trilobatum (Christmas Wrasse)


Genus: Stethojulis
Species: Stethojulis balteata (Belted Wrasse)


Family: Pomacentridae (damselfishes)
Genus: Pomacentrus
Species: Pomacentrus moluccensis (Lemon Damsel)


Suborder: Percoidei
Family: Chaetodontidae (butterflyfishes)
Genus: Chaetodon
Species: Chaetodon auriga (threadfin butterflyfish)



Species: Chaetodon fremblii (bluestriped butterflyfish)


Species: Chaetodon lunula (Raccoon butterflyfish)



Family: Mullidae (goat fishes)
Genus: Parupeneus
Species: Parupeneus multifasciatus (Manybar Goatfish)


Suborder: Gobioidei (gobies)
Family: Gobiidae (gobies, true gobies)
Genus: Boleophthalmus
Species: Boleophthalmus pectinirostris (大彈塗魚)



Suborder: Gasterosteoidei (Sticklebacks and Allies)
Family: Gasterosteidae (Sticklebacks)
Genus: Culaea
Species: Culaea inconstans (Brook Stickleback)


Order: Gasterosteiformes (pipefishes, sticklebacks)
Family: Syngnathidae (pipefishes, seahorses)
Genus: Syngnathus (seaweed pipefishes)
Species: Syngnathus leptorhynchus (bay pipefish, slendernosed pipefish)


Family: Fistulariidae (Cornetfish)
Genus: Fistularia
Species: Fistularia commersonii (reef cornetfish)


Order: Pleuronectiformes (flatfishes, flounders)
Family: Pleuronectidae (dabs, halibuts)
Genus: Platichthys (starry flounders)
Species: Platichthys stellatus (starry flounder)




Order: Scorpaeniformes
Suborder: Scorpaenoidei
Family: Scorpaenidae (scorpionfish)
Genus: Sebastes (rockfish)
Species: Sebastes maliger (quillback rockfish)


Order: Salmoniformes (salmons)
Family: Salmonidae (trouts and salmons)
Genus: Oncorhynchus (Pacific salmon)
Species: Oncorhynchus keta (chum salmon)


Genus: Salvelinus (chars)
Species: Salvelinus malma (Dolly Varden)


Order: Tetraodontiformes (leatherjackets, cowfishes, filefishes, puffers, triggerfishes, trunkfishes)
Suborder: Tetraodontoidei (puffers, porcupinefishes)
Family: Tetraodontidae (toadfishes, rabbitfishes, puffers, blowfishes, globefishes, swellfishes)
Subfamily: Canthigastrinae
Genus: Canthigaster (sharpnosed puffers, tobies)
Species: Canthigaster jactator (whitespotted toby)


Order: Acipenseriformes (sturgeons, spoonfishes, paddlefishes)
Family: Acipenseridae (sturgeons)
Subfamily: Acipenserinae
Genus: Acipenser (sturgeons)
Species: Acipenser transmontanus (white sturgeon)