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Moonrise Over Trial Islands Lighthouse
There are a whole bunch of things wrong with how I took this. Exposure was every 2 seconds and this is 100 frames long (3 minutes, 20 seconds). Exposure was f 5.6, 1/320th of a second at ISO 400 which was about 3 stops too faint. The f5.6 was dictated by the long lens setup and the 1/320th of a second was to reduce motion blur.

The biggest problem was the tripod. It was quite windy out (you can see the flag flapping) so the camera was actually blowing quite a bit. All of these frames were aligned by hand from the silhouettes of the house and lighthouse. I have more frames of the moon rising into the night sky, but I can't align them because I have no fixed part of the frame. It was so dark that even fully ramped up, I can't see the light house building.

I was surprised how much the moon is distorted - it isn't round and the face is blurred by changes in air density. I can understand why people usually take pictures of churches in the mountains rather than lighthouses on the horizon.
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