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Black Katy Chiton
I love how Sea Sacs (Halosaccion glandiforme) has chosen to colonize the plates on this Chiton.
Species: Katharina tunicata (Black Katy Chiton), Halosaccion glandiforme (Sea Sacs)

John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Port Renfrew > Black Katy Chiton

Red Sea Cucumber
Red Sea Cucumber, Cucumaria miniata to it's friends. These things are quite mobile - the bright red arms filter out food bits and then pull them inside to be consumed.
Species: Cucumaria miniata (Red Sea Cucumber)

John Harvey Photo > Mudge Island > Red Sea Cucumber

Great Blue Heron
These were pretty good hunters - they were pulling fish out with every strike and I didn't even see fish.
Species: Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron)

John Harvey Photo > Mudge Island > Great Blue Heron