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Birding at Iona Beach

I went for a walk at Iona Beach to see what I can see for migratory birds.  I didn't have much luck seeing a migrant, but it's always nice to see familar birds and in the viewfinder.

Red Winged Black BirdRufous Male Hummingbird
Dark Eyed Junko Testing BandNorthern Rough Winged SwallowTwo Tree Swallows On Nest Box

Claira With Cat Puppet
Claira asked me to help trace a cat picture.  I gave her a pencil outline of a cat from a picture on an iPad.  She then
used a black marker to make the outline and other markers to colour it in.  She cut the cat out of the paper and then
glued it onto chopsticks.  She basically made her own puppet.  I was pretty impressed with her.

Happy Birthday Nara!

Loren Stuffed Into Car
Nara's birthday (28th of April) is only a few days away from her friend Danika's birthday.  Nara and Danika have many of the same friends so they decided to do a joint birthday rather than have two birthdays on the same weekend and potentially splitting the guests.  They wanted the gym at a rec center so Helen booked it and setup a party with Danika's family.

Marcus And James Ready To RollAbby And James Playing Hockey
The Gym has lots of different play areas.  The have a large collection of blocks that you can use to build forts.

Claira Building FortAbby Hiding Inside FortLoren Brining Pieces

Marcus Bringing BlocksNoelle Breaking Out Of FortHaley Climbing Out Of Fort

Nara Riding Plasma Car
The gym has a variety of carts and ride in vehicles for the kids to run around on.

Nara Pulling Plasma Car

Claira Riding Plasma CarClaira Up CloseJames Has Been Working Hard
In one corner, they have a low table where we served snacks and cake.
Birthday TableNara And Danika With Candles

Nara Hitting Piñata
At the end of the session, we got out a pinata and the kids eventually broke their way in.

Marcus Hitting PiñataWith
          Flash Going Off

Loren Stuffed Into Car
Person: Loren
Loren Brining Pieces
Person: Loren
Noelle Breaking Out Of Fort
Person: Noelle
Dark Eyed Junko Testing Band
Species: Junco hyemalis (Dark-eyed Junco)
Altitude: 10m (32 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: band, bird
Rufous Male Hummingbird
Species: Selasphorus rufus (rufous hummingbird)
Altitude: 3m (9 feet)
Location: Go To...
Birthday Table
Marcus And James Ready To Roll
Person: James, Marcus
Red Winged Black Bird
Species: Agelaius phoeniceus (Red-winged Blackbird)
Altitude: 9m (29 feet)
Location: Go To...
Claira Riding Plasma Car
Person: Claira
Claira Building Fort
Person: Claira
Two Tree Swallows On Nest Box
Species: Tachycineta bicolor (Tree Swallow)
Altitude: 7m (22 feet)
Location: Go To...
Claira Up Close
Person: Claira
Tags: portrait
Claira With Cat Puppet
Person: Claira
Tags: art, puppet
Haley Climbing Out Of Fort
Person: Haley
Nara Riding Plasma Car
James Has Been Working Hard
Person: James
Marcus Bringing Blocks
Nara Pulling Plasma Car
Abby Hiding Inside Fort
Person: Abby
Nara And Danika With Candles
Person: Nara
Abby And James Playing Hockey
Person: Abby, James
Northern Rough Winged Swallow
Species: Stelgidopteryx serripennis (Northern Rough-winged Swallow)
Tags: portrait(1), art(1), puppet(1), band(1), bird(1)
People: Claira(4), James(3), Abby(2), Loren(2), Marcus(2), Nara(2)
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