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Red-Base Jezebel
When your 100mm lens gets close enough to really see a butterfly, it is really close to the butterfly. Often the butterfly just flies away well before you get that close. This individual was really patient.
Species: Delias pasithoe (redbase Jezebel)

John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 11 > Red-Base Jezebel

Purple Sapphire
These are small butterflies, but this particular one was very patient with me being close by. It has a beautiful purple dorsal side, but it didn't show it to me.
Species: Heliophorus epicles (purple sapphire)

John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 11 > Purple Sapphire

Common Tiger
I saw four different kinds of "Tigers" today - characterized by the dark black stripes on either a light or orange background.
Species: Danaus genutia (common tiger)

John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 11 > Common Tiger

Lemon Pansy Underside
It's amazing to me how different the underside (ventral view, looking at the animals belly) is from the topside (dorsal, the animals back) of this species. I initially thought this was two species until I reviewed the photos and found I had a series of photos of the butterfly flapping it's wings.
Species: Junonia lemonias (lemon pansy)

John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 11 > Lemon Pansy Underside

Common Five-Ring Dry Season
Another species that has similar looking species living in the same place.
Species: Ypthima baldus (common fivering)

John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 11 > Common Five-Ring Dry Season

Banded Tree Brown
This butterfly really liked this rock. The rock was in the middle of the meadow and lots of people walked by. The butterfly would sometimes take off, only to turn around and return back to almost the same spot.
Species: Lethe confusa (banded treebrown)

John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 11 > Banded Tree Brown