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Aristazabal Island - Day 3, 4
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Exploring Laredo Inlet, Princess Royal Island

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Day 3 - Kitasu Bay
After the beautiful day yesterday, we were disappointed to awaken to rain.  Jan started early and we moved the boat up Laredo Inlet, one of the large inland fingers of water that break up Princes Royal Island.  We continued inland to Alston cove - a small protected bay.   Princess Royal Island is famous for Kermode bears - black bears which have white or tan colored hair.  While they are rare, Princess Royal Island is where they seem to be the most common. 

Walking On We Log
We arrived in Alston Cove after lunch and set out to explore.  Alston Cove has a salmon river at the end of it, and would be a prime location to see a bear.  We got into our kayaks and paddled up the river do a grassy bank and then went for a walk.

Walking In Clearing

Soft Focus River
Walking through the rain forest, in the rain, isn't easy.  The path we followed was definitely used by bears (between the fur on the trees and the bear poop on the ground we were pretty sure), but bears use four legs to get around and our two legs and slippery boots are pretty poor by comparison.  After a nasty tumble, it became obvious the only thing we would see if we continued further was more injuries.  We walked back to the kayaks and paddled back to the boat - thankful we had some place we could get dry.

Day 4 Alston Cove

Mouth Of Blee CreekWalk Up River
Very quite now...  This time we explored the estuary on a low tide and the landing was very much more difficult than our last trip yesterday.  Fallen trees that we once paddled over, the river now ran under.  We beached the kayaks at the mouth of the estuary and started the walk up the river to search for a bear.

Walking up a river quietly isn't very easy - the river was rocky, but the shore was a tangle of trees and underbrush. 

Aster At River Side
I happened upon a salmon carcase at the edge of the river - part of the head and the body was eaten, but most of the fish was intact - more the style of wolves than bear.  As we got further up, we joined the trail that we used yesterday.

 Partially Eaten Salmon

Moss Around StreamSkunk Cabbage
This is the heart of BC rain forest - every square inch is saturated with life.  The forest floor is a thick bed of moss which springs like an impossibly luxurious carpet.

Variety Of Mosses Growing On Log

While we didn't see a bear, we had fun walking through the forest picking out details.  The closer you get to the forest floor, the more you notice.  At one point we sat and watched the salmon swimming up stream - lazily hanging in large pools, and then scattering with sudden bursts of speed.

Mirror In ForestBanana SlugSnail-Killer Carabid

We came back out to the bay to find our kayaks stranded even further ashore.  We carried them back to the water and went for a paddle around the bay.  We got back to the boat before lunch.  Jan pulled up anchor and we sailed north to Fifer cove.

Top Of Alston Cove
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Moss Around Stream
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Walk Up River
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Mirror In Forest
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Aster At River Side
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Partially Eaten Salmon
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Walking In Clearing
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Walking On We Log
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Skunk Cabbage
Species: Lysichiton americanus (Skunk Cabbage, Swamp Lantern)
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Banana Slug
Species: Ariolimax columbianus (Pacific Banana Slug)
Soft Focus River
Tags: soft focus, stream
Variety Of Mosses Growing On Log
Tags: moss
Mouth Of Blee Creek
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Snail-Killer Carabid
Species: Scaphinotus angusticollis (Snail-Killer Carabid)
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Top Of Alston Cove
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