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Friends (With Web Pages)

People I need to catch up with:
Recent Books
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
This book was lent to me by a friend and I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it.  The writing is quite simple (in character) and there isn't much depth to it, but it is a fun story and worth the time to read.
If they ever finish building it...
My House
Dorothea Source Forge Page
Dorothea is a photograph indexing system.  It builds web sites from a collection of images and allows users to enter and adjust meta data displayed about the photos from web pages.  Index pages are generated automatically, but human edited pages can also be introduce and links maintained.  Works for multiple users and multiple databases.  It's what powers most of www.JohnHarveyPhoto.com
Margaret Source Forge Page
Margaret is a web based debt tracking tool for friends. Each user is given an account to view and manage their debt.  Debts can be grouped into collections to ease the number of transactions.  Margaret is built with Perl CGI code backed by MySQL.

Yes, I write accounting software in my spare time.  Moving right along.
Pictures of Me as a child:
Me as a Kid

Modern Pictures of me
My Wish List

Video Game Credits:
Video Games I've Worked on

One Word Girlfriend
Use just one word to describe your ideal partner. Just one.
Outgoing - my choice
Inquisitive - my hair stylist; rest are friends:
Other Big Sites I can Recommend
Terra Galleria Photography
Massive scale -  6000 images, many of them stunningly high quality.  If you reload an index page, it gives you a new set of index pictures so the web page seems constantly renewed.
Dan Heller Photography
A travel photographer and takes some amazing shots.  More about the place than the photography and willing to sell everything, but this man gets the shot.

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