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Third time up, first time back with pictures

Garibaldi is a massive park - roughly the size of the Greater Vancouver Regional District and completely dwarfing adjacent Whistler.  There are several hikes within day hiking range of Vancouver, but much of the park is days away from the road.  Garibaldi lake is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the park (Elfin Lakes is also quite popular) and this is actually my third time up.  The first time I took very few pictures and the second time my camera died only an hour into the hike. 
Maidenhair FernsIndian Pipe
The hike starts in lush forest - some areas are practically carpeted with moss.  The usual west coast species (cedar, hemlock) are in abundance


Walking Across A CreekCreek With Bright Spots
The hike up is softened by switchbacks but is pretty consistently up.  There isn't much water on the way up - the trail doesn't follow next to a stream so you spend a fair amount of time in dense trees.


About 2/3rds of the distance to the lake you find an access to the bluffs overlooking a giant rock slide.  This location is a very popular lunch spot and the local wildlife knows it.   By the time you break open your lunch bag, the squirrels are looking around and the Jays are on the lookout for anything they can steal.  Thankfully nothing larger has figured it out.

Rock SlideUs Up At Lunch

Flowers In CrackFeeding Chipmunk

Lesser Garibaldi
Next come two small lakes - Barrier Lake and Lesser Garibaldi lake.   These small lakes are a prelude to the main event - Garibaldi lake.

Barrier Lake

  Trail Around Lake

Eventually you round the bend are are immediately struck by the beauty of the Garibaldi Lake.  The lake is a emerald colored and reflects the mountains and trees that enclose it.  It looks stolen out of the rockies except for the lack of tour buses and Japanese tourists.  The lake rewards you for your long hike up.

Battleship Pano

The Glacier behind seems in retreat.  On a previous trip up, I was sure the glacier (Sphinx) reached all the way down to the water line.  I really wonder how much longer it will be here at all.

Glacier Over lake

We were somewhat ambitious and decided to go see Taylor meadows before we returned back down to the car.  (I've walked through the meadows when they were still buried in snow - path finding it a bit more challenging.)

Trail By Tusk
It's a bit more of a hike up and the bugs are certainly well represented, but it doesn't take long until the trees start to thin our and you reach the meadows.  You clear a bit of ridge and discover black tusk on the horizon - standing out on  a hillside like a lighthouse.

Up In Meadows

Black Tusk By Itself
It's too much of a day to trying and hike up to the tusk - there is a shorter access road if you want to just see the tusk.  It's time to turn around, see the beautiful Tantalus range and start you journey back to the car.

Tantlus In The Background

On this trip, Jin brought some of her friends from high school including a two physio therapists.  They had the best advice I've ever head while hike - take an aspirin or Tylenol when you are done.  The Tylenol somehow helps your body break up the lactic acid in your mussels and the day after is much, much easier (I was almost unaffected by 23km of hiking).  A bottle of Advil is going into the car.

Thanks everyone!

Walking Across A Creek
Person: Kat
Tags: crepuscular rays, hiking, trail
Us Up At Lunch
Altitude: 1377m (4517 feet)
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Tags: hiking, lunch
Rock Slide
Tags: vista
Glacier Over lake
Tags: glacier, mountain, panorama
Trail Around Lake
Altitude: 1469m (4819 feet)
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Tags: boardwalk, lake
Up In Meadows
Tags: alpine, meadow
Battleship Pano
Altitude: 1468m (4816 feet)
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Tags: hiking, lake
Creek With Bright Spots
Tags: waterfall
Tags: mushroom
Lesser Garibaldi
Tags: alpine, glacial flour, lake
Flowers In Crack
Species: Sedum oreganum (Oregon Stonecrop)
Altitude: 1370m (4494 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: flowers
Feeding Chipmunk
Species: Tamias amoenus (Yellow-Pine Chipmunk)
Altitude: 1372m (4501 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: hand feeding
Indian Pipe
Species: Monotropa hypopithys (many-flower Indian-pipe, pinesap)
Tags: plant
Tantlus In The Background
Altitude: 1654m (5426 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: alpine, trail
Barrier Lake
Tags: hiking, lake
Maidenhair Ferns
Species: Adiantum pedatum (maidenhair)
Tags: fern
Black Tusk By Itself
Tags: black tusk
Trail By Tusk
Person: Jesse, Jin, Helen, Kat
Tags: lake(4), hiking(4), alpine(3), trail(2), waterfall(1), fern(1)
People: Kat(2), Jesse(1), Jin(1), Helen(1)
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