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Grandpas 80th Birthday
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And some clever quip...

Garden Walk
It was a dinner part so we a had a little time to consume before we went ot Jennifer and Davids house.  We decided to stop in at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens for an afternoon walk.  We had the gardens pretty much to ourselves - this garden peaks in rhododendron season and the late summer was not the ideal time to visit.  They had a trail down to a close by stream and we managed to find a few frogs jumping around. 

Pacific TreefrogRed Legged Frog

Kayla Stacking Chickens
After our pleasant walk we arrived at the farm.  Jennifer and David are running an organic, free range chicken farm and this is the first time I've seen them with full grown chickens.  It was hot day so the chickens were pretty inactive, but I enjoyed taking a few shots.

Chicken Sitting AroundYounger Chicken In FieldKayla And Justin Netted A Big One

The warmth may not be great for chickens, but kids certainly do seem to enjoy it.  Justin was our catching grasshoppers - I think his low to the ground stature gives him a bit of an advantage over us taller kids.

Cricket On ThumbCricket In FingersDoing A Jump
Making Burgers
But this is a birthday after all!  Dinner was served, cakes brought our, candles blown out.

Daughters Bringing Out Cake
Oooh CakeBlowing Out CandlesSelection Of Grandkids

Opening Gifts

Diana And Chrissy
It's always good to get family together - see everyone soon!

Diana And Kayla

Red Legged Frog
Species: Rana aurora (red-legged frog)
Tags: amphibian, BC fauna
Cricket On Thumb
Tags: insect, shallow depth of field
Garden Walk
Tags: garden
Cricket In Fingers
Tags: insect
Opening Gifts
Person: Justin, Philip
Doing A Jump
Person: Justin
Blowing Out Candles
Daughters Bringing Out Cake
Person: Janet
Chicken Sitting Around
Tags: chicken, farm animal
Diana And Kayla
Person: Kayla
Diana And Chrissy
Selection Of Grandkids
Younger Chicken In Field
Tags: chicken, farm, farm animal
Pacific Treefrog
Species: Pseudacris regilla (Pacific Treefrog)
Tags: amphibian, BC fauna
Oooh Cake
Person: Kayla, Philip
Tags: birthday cake
Kayla And Justin Netted A Big One
Person: Justin, Kayla, Janet
Kayla Stacking Chickens
Person: Kayla
Making Burgers
Tags: BC fauna(2), amphibian(2), insect(2), farm animal(2), chicken(2), shallow depth of field(1)
People: Kayla(4), Justin(3), Janet(2), Philip(2)
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