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Hong Kong (the second)

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Last year I visited Hong Kong for two weeks and saw lots of tourist and non-tourist things.  This year I was in Hong Kong for a week and we spent much of the time shopping for wedding type things.  That said, just moving around Hong Kong is sight seeing and I did take a few pictures.

Building Wrapped In FabricMarket Under Construction
Last time I noticed the bamboo construction scaffolding, but I didn't really wind up with a picture I liked.  This time I spent more time taking photos of construction which is pretty much everywhere.  Inevitably, this lead to pictures of markets.

Seafood In Bins Fish Monger
Markets really are everywhere in Hong Kong so it's all too easy to just bump into one.

Plate Of Fish

Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan (Central)

There is a photo of the coils of incense on the inside cover of my guide book and since we were in the neighborhood, we dropped by.  It's the smokiest temple I've every been too and I thought lots of fun to take photos of.

Big Spiral BurningCoils On Racks
Lanterns With CoilsRed Tags From CoilsSmaller Coils
Urban Street Life

Ting TingUrban Canyon

I wonder if the buildings in Hong Kong are a glimpse into Vancouvers future.  In some places, they form canyons infested with limpet air conditioners and drying laundry.  Lower units are further parasitised by signage for ground level retail.  It must be amazing to be at the bottom in a typhoon. 
Signage Sticking Out

Chinese Chess
If you divided up all the sidewalk in Hong Kong between the millions of residences, I wonder how much each gets?  It's an amazing example of time/space division multiplexing, but it's not without routing challenges.  I was particularly impressed with these games - I wonder if there was money involved.

Urban Canyon
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Seafood In Bins
Tags: Hong Kong, market, seafood
Plate Of Fish
Tags: fish, Hong Kong, market, seafood
Building Wrapped In Fabric
Tags: construction, Hong Kong
Smaller Coils
Tags: Hong Kong, incense, Man Mo Temple, place of worship
Signage Sticking Out
Tags: city, Hong Kong, sign
Chinese Chess
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Market Under Construction
Tags: Hong Kong, market
Red Tags From Coils
Tags: Hong Kong, incense, Man Mo Temple, place of worship
Fish Monger
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Ting Ting
Tags: city, Hong Kong
Lanterns With Coils
Tags: Hong Kong, incense, lantern, Man Mo Temple, place of worship
Big Spiral Burning
Tags: Hong Kong, incense, Man Mo Temple, place of worship
Coils On Racks
Tags: Hong Kong, incense, Man Mo Temple, place of worship
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