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February 2009

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In Japan, this would be called a "light up".  This is a new event for Vancouver - the business association for Yaletown organized this event and I think it's part of a trend of neighborhood events we are seeing across Vancouver.  Last year Davie Street and 4th Ave both had events that I had never seen before.

Cross Over Spinning
People twirling fire on the other hand is a long running tradition in this city.  The Parade of Lost Souls is an excelent place to see fire shows so I shouldn't have been surprised to see fire here.

Fire Spinning Durring The Day

Blanket Full Of FireHands Full Of Fire
Unlike the Parade of Lost Souls where the audience is hundreds of people held back by fences, here the event was much more intimate - the audience was held back by just a bit of ribbon.  I think the performers enjoyed the proximity because they sometimes got within hair singeing distance of awed children.

Color Panels Reflecting On White Car
Being put on the by business association, of course there was lots of business tie in's.  I really liked the colour pannel display, but I wonder if the shiny white Mercedes parked in front was just a coinicdence.  (Yaletown did close the streets to traffic, but they didn't clear the parked cars).  The Mini dealer in Yaletown did a good job - they lit up their shop (which was open) and put on a concert inside.  I think they really got it.

Minis Lit Up WIth Coloured LightsGlow Strip Hangings
Ice Sculpture In Front Of Section 3Ice Sculpture Pineapple
I was impressed with the ice sculptures.  Generally each was tied to a restaurant.  Some were just sculptures outside, others were more crowd drawing.  My favorite was a giant pineapple where fruit juice was poured through.  The kids seemed to get a kick out getting a drink from a large block of ice.

Orange Inflatable By Buildings
Last were the building light ups.  Using varying scales of projectors, the sides of the buildings were used as canvas to display art.  Brown brick isn't an excelent reflective media so the displays were often a bit subdued but they gave a really "unworldly" feel to the place.    Combined with other art, it was a nice overall effect.

Moon Lantern And Lit BuildingProjecting Onto Buildings
I get the feeling this event is still evolving.  I have a tough time seeing how much direct revenue was made from this event (it was free to attend) vs the indirect review of larger mind share and neighborhood branding.  Given the economic climate it will be a hard effect to pull out, but just seeing the crowds that attended, the economic spin offs of this event won't be small.

Ice Sculpture In Front Of Section 3
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Fire Spinning Durring The Day
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Projecting Onto Buildings
Tags: building, Yaletown
Blanket Full Of Fire
Tags: fire, performance
Color Panels Reflecting On White Car
Tags: car, lights, Yaletown
Cross Over Spinning
Tags: fire, performance, Yaletown
Orange Inflatable By Buildings
Tags: art, building, Yaletown
Hands Full Of Fire
Tags: fire, performance
Minis Lit Up WIth Coloured Lights
Tags: car, lights
Ice Sculpture Pineapple
Tags: art, ice, Ice Sculpture
Glow Strip Hangings
Tags: art, Yaletown
Moon Lantern And Lit Building
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Thanks for a great write up on our event, I hope you enjoyed your time here.
Yaletown BIA
Monday, March 30th, 2009 at 09:32:58

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