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Go Visit some Family

Seal Bay

Valley Of Ferns
The original plan after getting on the 8:30 ferry and lunch at the grandparents was to go up to Mt Washington and enjoy an afternoon of cross country skiing.  We drove up and it turns out the rentals close at 3:15.  It's sunny until 6pm (we usually go to Cypress which has night skiing and is open to 10pm), but you have to have your rented ski's in by 3:15.  We were bummed out - beautiful views, beautiful sun - no skiing. 

Time for plan B.  We decided to go visit Seal Bay.  This is a city park with a bit of a walk and some beach (although very stoney).  Apparently it is named because seals would haul out here but given how many dogs use the area, I would be very surprised is seals come to shore. 

I was surprised though.  When we got down to the beach we saw something moving on a rock in the water.  Turns out it was a river otter eating a ground fish!

River Otter Biting InRiver Otter Looking OverRiver Otter Looking Sideways

Harlequin Duck At Beach
We did a bit more walking around, but soon enough it was time to go.

Grandma's Birthday

Finished PuzzleJusty Sleeping
Jennifer and David were kind enough to host dinner at their house.  We crammed their house and had a great dinner.

Grandma Behind FlowersGrandma Tearing Into GiftKayla Has New Teeth
Dad Unhappy
The next morning we went to the Kingfisher for "Brunch".  We have been to this resort before (both for food and to stay over) and every year it seems to be just a bit bigger, a bit more up scale and just a bit harder to get reservations.

John And Helen On Swing
More Photos and we were off again to Vancouver. 

Mom And Allison On SwingMom And Dad On SwingGrandparents
Parents In FortFort With Grandkids

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

River Otter Looking Over
Species: Lontra canadensis (northern river otter)
Tags: BC fauna
Justy Sleeping
Mom And Dad On Swing
Finished Puzzle
Person: Justin
Grandma Tearing Into Gift
Harlequin Duck At Beach
Species: Histrionicus histrionicus (Harlequin Duck)
Location: Go To...
Tags: BC fauna
Valley Of Ferns
Tags: fern, forest
Kayla Has New Teeth
Person: Kayla
Dad Unhappy
Parents In Fort
Fort With Grandkids
John And Helen On Swing
Person: Helen, John
River Otter Looking Sideways
Species: Lontra canadensis (northern river otter)
Tags: BC fauna
Person: Edna, Philip
Mom And Allison On Swing
River Otter Biting In
Species: Lontra canadensis (northern river otter)
Tags: BC fauna
Grandma Behind Flowers
Person: Edna
Tags: BC fauna(4), fern(1), forest(1)
People: Edna(2), Justin(1), Helen(1), John(1), Kayla(1), Philip(1)
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