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March 2007

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Three Cakes BurningJohn And Helen Behind CakesBlowing Candles

Helen With Cake
It wasn't until the cakes came out that the camera did, and even then, there weren't many.  Kind of ironic considering the number of geeks in the room!  Thanks everyone for coming, I had a really good time!

Jin And Helen Serving Cake

Party shots are hard - David actually took most of them.  Theses are pretty much just random shots of people - sorry if I missed you, or you aren't in focus!
Jin And JerEricMore Chatting
More Work TalkWork People Eating Cake

Kat And JamieStephen And Rob

These kinds of parties really take it out of you!
Grandmothers 85th

Looking Over Snow Covered Logged Valley
Last year Helen and I came up to Mount Washington but we arrived in the afternoon and the ski runs closed at 3:15 - we didn't think we could do much with that.  This year we planned ahead and came up early enough to make a day of it.

We are so used to skiing on Cypress where everything has a steap hill, the flats here were wonderful.

Later in day we took one of the longer runs out and took in some of the bigger views.  We didn't have much luck with the weather so it wasn't a whole day ski, but it was good.

More DifficultHelen In MeadowHelen Skiing In Taller Trees

One Gift BasketCake On Table
The main event was my Grandmother Birthday party.  This year is her 85th birthday so lots of people from far and wide dropped in to wish her well.

Happy Birthday Cake

Whole Group
 This time I broght my camera so lots of shots of people.
  Grandparents And ChildrenGrandparents Allison And The KidsGrandma Alison And Jessica

Grandma Alison And Jessica WiderAllison And The KidsGrandma 2 Ann And Rick 
Grandparents And FayeIvy Rose And GrandparentsGrandparents Duncan DeanaGrandparents Kayla And Justin

ParentsParents GrandparentsParents Judy And Richard More FormalParents Judy And Richard
  Balloon In MouthBalloon Stuck To HeadJustin In Spidy ShirtJustin Super Jump

Parents Grandparents
Person: Edna, Janet, Lloyd, Philip
Work People Eating Cake
Three Cakes Burning
Person: Andrea, Catherine, David, Jeremy, Jin, Mark
Tags: birthday cake
One Gift Basket
Balloon In Mouth
Person: Kayla
Tags: balloon
Grandparents And Faye
Justin Super Jump
Person: Justin
More Chatting
Person: Janet, Lloyd
More Work Talk
Allison And The Kids
Person: Jessica, Nathan
Balloon Stuck To Head
Person: Kayla
Tags: balloon
Stephen And Rob
Parents Judy And Richard
Helen With Cake
Tags: birthday cake
Grandma Alison And Jessica Wider
Person: Edna, Jessica
Looking Over Snow Covered Logged Valley
Tags: Mount Washington, skiing, snow
Ivy Rose And Grandparents
Cake On Table
Tags: birthday cake, food porn
Helen Skiing In Taller Trees
Tags: Mount Washington, skiing, snow
John And Helen Behind Cakes
Person: Helen, John
Tags: birthday cake, candlelight
Grandma Alison And Jessica
Jin And Helen Serving Cake
Grandma 2 Ann And Rick
Helen In Meadow
Person: Helen
Tags: Mount Washington, skiing, snow
Jin And Jer
Person: Jeremy, Jin
Parents Judy And Richard More Formal
Person: Eric
Justin In Spidy Shirt
Person: Justin
Whole Group
Grandparents And Children
More Difficult
Tags: Mount Washington, sign, skiing, snow
Kat And Jamie
Grandparents Duncan Deana
Happy Birthday Cake
Tags: birthday cake
Blowing Candles
Tags: candlelight
Person: Helen, Jin
Grandparents Allison And The Kids
Person: Edna, Jessica, Nathan, Philip
Grandparents Kayla And Justin
Person: Edna, Justin, Kayla, Philip
Tags: Do Not Tag(27), birthday cake(5), skiing(4), snow(4), Mount Washington(4), candlelight(2)
People: Edna(4), Jessica(3), Jin(3), Helen(3), Kayla(3), Justin(3)
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