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Two Dinners

 Nara's "One Month" Dinner

Flowers From Theresas Garden
After a month of life, you start planning a banquet to celibrate the birth of your child.  Our banquet dates turns out to be a little later than one month - we wanted and "auspicous date" as well as a day my parents would be in town.  We booked a table at one of the local Chinese food restaurants and away we went!

  Grandma And Lillian With BabyTheresa Aunt Lillian And David At Table

Big Yawn
Nara was of course the star of the show!  Dinner is always a tricky time to schedual things because Nara feeds more in the evening and can sometimes go through periods of crankyness/playfullness/tiredness in rapid order.  We were lucky tonight though - she had a feed just before we got out the door
and behaved well (slept) for much of the evening.

  Nara Fighting The Nap Nara Holding Her Own Bottle

David With Spot Prawns Crab Claw Balls
Dynasty Seafood Restaurant always does a good job and this time was no exception.  We preordered when we made our reservation and all of our food was served promptly.  Even though it was a Wednesday night, the place was packed.  It was a bad day for Chinese ducks - almost every table ordered one.

Sweet And Sour Pork

After that it was a "photo of everyone with every one else in various combinations".   Nara was the only constant.

Aunt Lillian Nara And TheresaGrandma Settling NaraParents And Nara

Nara Theresa And Aunt LillianNara And David My Mom And NaraHelen My Parents And Nara
A good evening!

Eric and Andrea's Birthday

Another trip around the sun!  Andrea and Eric's birthdays are very close together so they decided to "co-celibrate" by having a dinner at West.  Normally West isn't the kind of place you get into with a party of 10 on a Friday night, but amazingly Andrea made it work.

Andrea With CocktailEric Sampling Cocktail Entries Have Arrived

The food and service were top quality as expected.  Eric and Mark were really impressed with the cocktails.  The plating was top notch and the swarm of servers to ensure simultanous delivery and clearing was impressive. 

Scallops With Small Egg Spot Prawns With Green Strawberry
  I don't normally take that many photo's in restaurants but this month was a bit of an exception.  Thanks everyone!

Crab Claw Balls
Tags: food porn
Aunt Lillian Nara And Theresa
Andrea With Cocktail
Person: Andrea
Flowers From Theresas Garden
Tags: flowers
Nara Holding Her Own Bottle
Person: Nara
Eric Sampling Cocktail
Person: Eric
Theresa Aunt Lillian And David At Table
Person: Theresa
Entries Have Arrived
Nara Theresa And Aunt Lillian
Scallops With Small Egg
Tags: food porn
Helen My Parents And Nara
Spot Prawns With Green Strawberry
Tags: food porn
Nara And David
Grandma And Lillian With Baby
Grandma Settling Nara
Big Yawn
Person: Nara
David With Spot Prawns
Parents And Nara
Sweet And Sour Pork
Tags: food porn
My Mom And Nara
Nara Fighting The Nap
Person: Nara
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