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A Happy day for the Joness'

August 8th, 2008 is an auspicious date to get married.  For Gabi and Eric, it became there special date.  The booked a chapel on Vancouver Island and all of us came over to our "home town" for the event!

Ushers At The DoorBoutonniere For DadSplendid Gabi

The Chapel Filling
  The chapel was built in 1909 and was restored in 2003.  It's a beautiful brick building with many original details - a perfect spot for a wedding.  During the wedding there was (sensibly) no photography so we intently watched to good friends get married.

David And DominiqueHaley Jin And Jesse

After the wedding we took a few photos of friends.

Jin Jesse Haley And Andrea

Getting Into The Car
Eric and Gabi left in a 1935 Chevrolet and the rest of us went to the pub to celebrate!

Bubbles Floating Away
Eric and Gabi organized there reception in a pub out in Sydney.  Sydney has a beautiful view of the Gulf Islands and was a great place to watch the sunset.  The couple set out bubble wands and plenty of mix so we had a lot of fun blowing bubbles of the top deck.

Hanging Out On The DeckHelen Attacking JeremyTwo Wands

Mark And EricJeremy And AndreaDavid With Bubbles
Mark Blowing BubblesJeremy Blowing BubblesHelen ConjuringGabi Blowing Bubbles

  Fancy Shoe
Gabi and Eric setup a number of fun things to do at their reception.  They brought costume bits and asked people to take pictures of themselves in costume with messages (as Stephen did below).  The brought a "wish tree" where you would leave positive notes for the bridge and groom.  The had magnetic poetry to leave messages.  They even went so far as to put up little expositions explaining parts of the wedding such as wear Eric's clothes came from (including carbon footprint) and the traditions they were honoring.

Space HeatersSam In Costume GlassesGabi In Costume GlassesAbsolutely Fabulous
  Vegemite And Maple SyrupRSVPCards

The Australia and Canadian theme was carried through several elements of the event.  The cake topper was small bottle of Vegemite and a small bottle of Maple Syrup.  The RSVP cards requested a sketch of national animals.  Even the party favors had themed elements.

Jin And Helen

At the stag, we broke out the booze and cigars.  We had a few extras from that event so this was a chance for the women to take up vice.  I was surprised how much people were into it.

Catherine ContemplativeAndrea Lighting UpHelen Having Fun

Eric Taking ABreakGabi Drawing

Thanks again Eric and Gabi - fantastic time!

Sam In Costume Glasses
Jin Jesse Haley And Andrea
Person: Andrea, Jesse, Jin, Haley
Mark Blowing Bubbles
Person: Mark
Catherine Contemplative
Person: Catherine
Gabi Blowing Bubbles
Person: Gabi
Getting Into The Car
Person: Gabi
Absolutely Fabulous
Person: Stephen
Andrea Lighting Up
Person: Andrea
Helen Conjuring
Person: Helen
Ushers At The Door
Person: John, Mark
Tags: door
Gabi In Costume Glasses
Person: Gabi
Space Heaters
Jin And Helen
Person: Helen, Jin
Jeremy Blowing Bubbles
Person: Jeremy
Tags: art
David And Dominique
Person: David, Dominique
Splendid Gabi
Person: Gabi
Boutonniere For Dad
Mark And Eric
Person: Eric, Mark
Two Wands
Tags: bubble
Hanging Out On The Deck
Person: David, Helen, Jeremy
Fancy Shoe
Haley Jin And Jesse
Person: Jesse, Jin, Haley
Gabi Drawing
Person: Gabi
Helen Attacking Jeremy
Person: Helen, Jeremy
Eric Taking ABreak
Person: Eric
Helen Having Fun
Person: Helen
Bubbles Floating Away
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Tags: bubble, coast, sunset, vista
Jeremy And Andrea
Person: Andrea, Jeremy
David With Bubbles
Person: David
The Chapel Filling
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Vegemite And Maple Syrup
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