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Fall is in the air

Grandparents House for Thanksgiving

You know the park you always drive past, but have never stopped in to visit?  Rithet's Bog is an example of such a park for me.  It's close to the highway where I turn off for my parents house I have memories of people skating on pond in the winter - but I have never actually stopped by to take a look.  This trip we remedied that situation.

The Bog is pretty much the opposite of the Camosun Bog in Vancouver - Camosun bog is tiny and you walk over it on a boardwalk.  Rithets bog is quite large (it took us two hours to walk around it) and the trails don't take you into the bog.  It's the end of a very dry summer so we didn't see much water, or the frogs I wanted to find, but we did have a good time walking through the various plant zones.

Backlit CattailsNara And Grandma In TunnelNara And Grandma With Waggon In Tunnel

One of my favorite places growing up in Victoria was Cordova Bay - I could walk there from my house.  Even with the tide fully in, there is lots of beach to enjoy a walk on.

Standing In The OceanThrowing Rocks In The Ocean
Nara And Helen On Mountain Top
Another favorite haunt for me in Mount Doug Park.  Again, you travel through different bio zones on your trip - the bottom of the mountain is Douglas Fir - as you get higher up you see more Arbutus and at the top there is small grove of Gary Oak's.  When the light is right it is a magical place to watch the sun go down.  Taking Nara up is a bit of a challenge because she doesn't have good insight on the potential for falls.

Gary Oak With Amazing ViewGrasses And Valleys From Mount DougNara On Rock

Grandma And Her Two Granddaughters
My favorite reason for going over to Victoria is the time hanging out with family.  Vancouver always seems to so busy - small spaces and lots to do.  Victoria is a just a little slower and since it's a vacation, I don't have as much to do.  Thanks Mom and Dad for having us over!

Nara And Jennie On The StairsGrandma Nara And AGoat

Sonia and Kevin's Wedding

  Jessica And Lexi
Of the cousins on my Mothers side, Sonia is the third to get married - the most recent marriage after mine.  It's been a few years since the last wedding and everyone was attending so we were really lucky that the even took place in our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, Helen was fighting a wicked cough so she didn't get to attend.

Shelton And LexiCousins In The Back Seats

The wedding ceremony took place early in the afternoon at Heritage Hall - a graceful stone building that was once the Post Office.  The main floor has high ceilings which Sonia has filled with curtains and lighting and arbor for the ceremony.

Deane And The GrandparentsThe WilliamsNara Jumping In Pink Dress

 Signing The Paperwork
The ceremony was sweet and brief.  The Officiant had a few funny stories to tell and Kevin and Sonia had made up their own vows.  Sonia did a way better job delivering her vows - you could tell Kevin was nervous and emotional.  Lots of paper signing and we were done!

After the service, a bunch of family went to Denny's for a late lunch / afternoon snack.  I took Nara home for a well deserved nap and brought Claira out to see people. 
Claira On Grandma ShoulderClaira Looking At Great Grandma
Back home again, switch kids and back to Heritage hall for the reception.

Cards Cage
The hall had been transformed for the evening dinner and events.  There was a large bar setup on one end and buffet style dinner was close by.  I was lucky to arrive just as our table was called so Nara and I had dinner without a wait.  I especially liked the perogies.

Rose On The Head Table

Cutting The Cake
After dinner we had a few speeches (Kevin's friend from Ireland was especially funny - I enjoyed his "opposites" observation.  "Kevin Burns Houses" is a great name for Kevin's company).  The wedding cake was beautiful.

David Introducing SpeakerDuncan Speaking
Jeff And James After A Night Of PartyMarcus And Nara Jumping Down Stairs
This was a long day for Marcus and James (who didn't get a nap in) so they headed out earlier in the evening.  The kids were having a great time playing, but you could tell they would crash as soon as the car ride home started.

James Leading The Charge Down The Stairs

Nara and I stayed to see the start of the dancing.  Again, Kevin and Sonia had put in the time in preparation and had a special opening dancing.  The dancing showed off Sonia's dress and their considerable time spent practicing. 

Kevin On One KneeSwinging AroundSonia At Full Extension
Nara was running out of energy and I had a sick wife at home.  I grabbed a few cookies for the wife and headed home.  Thanks Sonia and Kevin for inviting us!

Cutting The Cake
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Standing In The Ocean
Altitude: 1m (3 feet)
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Cards Cage
Nara And Jennie On The Stairs
Person: Jennie, Nara
Grandma And Her Two Granddaughters
Person: Claira, Nara
Nara And Grandma In Tunnel
Person: Janet
Tags: tunnel
Jeff And James After A Night Of Party
Person: James, Jeff
Claira Looking At Great Grandma
Person: Claira, Edna
Marcus And Nara Jumping Down Stairs
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Gary Oak With Amazing View
Species: Quercus garryana (Garry Oak)
Altitude: 200m (656 feet)
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Throwing Rocks In The Ocean
Tags: Cordova Bay, throwing rocks
David Introducing Speaker
Duncan Speaking
Swinging Around
Person: Kevin, Sonia
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Claira On Grandma Shoulder
James Leading The Charge Down The Stairs
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Grandma Nara And AGoat
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Backlit Cattails
Species: Typha latifolia (broadleaf cattail)
Altitude: 17m (55 feet)
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Sonia At Full Extension
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Jessica And Lexi
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Grasses And Valleys From Mount Doug
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Nara And Helen On Mountain Top
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Kevin On One Knee
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Nara And Grandma With Waggon In Tunnel
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Rose On The Head Table
Deane And The Grandparents
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Nara On Rock
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Altitude: 218m (715 feet)
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Shelton And Lexi
Person: Lexi May, Shelton
The Williams
Person: Diana, James, Jeff, Marcus
Signing The Paperwork
Cousins In The Back Seats
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Nara Jumping In Pink Dress
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