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October 2019

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Thanksgiving in Courtenay

  Scooter Ride With Great Grandpa

  In the summer we camped in Comox Valley and visited family.  We were told to come back for the big burn in the fall! 

Riding On Tractor Bucket

When we got to the farm, we found out the marshmallow roasting sticks had gone missing!  We can't have a camp fire without marshmallows so we took a tractor ride down to the lower field to cut some sticks from young alder trees.  The kids loved the ride in the bucket.

Lifted High In Tractor BucketDinner In Wagon

Sparks Rising From Burn Pile
The fire was actually started in afternoon and has slowly burned down to massive pile of coals.  The heat thrown off
was enormous.  My aunt Jennifer had kindly cooked a meal and we enjoyed dinner around a massive campfire.

Sisters Watching Burn PileMore Scrap On Wood Pile
We missed a day of Chinese class so we spent some time in a hotel studying.  In the afternoon we visited the Shamrock Farm to look at the pumpkins.
Winter Luxury PumpkinLabeled PumpkinsKids In Pumpkin PatchClaira In Corn Row

Kids Near Hen HouseKids Playing On Tractor

Nara Playing Camera TagLexi Running From CameraKids Running From TagfArabella Playing Camera Tag
Arabella Running From CameraClaira Running Camera Tag

Arabella Eating DinnerClaira With Pink Fluffy

Halloween Howl!

The kids school do a Halloween Event/Fundraiser every year where they decorate the school and run activities.  The kids buy a $5 activity card with 20 or so slots and then they go to different activities around the school.  Claira found the fortune teller who read her palm and told her her future. 

Claira Having Fortune ToldClaira Playing With Balloon

A favorite is the cake walk.  It's basically musical chairs where the winner gets a donated cake.  It costs a stamp to enter and 16 or so kids go in a circle around tables and walk slowly.  When the music stops, they get the number in front of them.  A random number is drawn and if you have the number, you can pick a cake from the prize table.

Claira Waiting For Cake Walk NumberNara Walking Around Cake Walk

Of course kids being kids, they have figured out how to improve their odds.  First - go a a group because the cakes are way too large for any one kid.  If anyone if your group wins, you split the cake.  Second - got later in the day.  There are more cakes than there was time to give them away so later in the night there were two or even three drawings per group of 16 kids.   

Claira Sharing Rice Crispie CakeNara Eating Rice Crispie Cake

Nara, Claira and her friends wound up winning a rice krispie cake which they split between them and everyone got really sticky hands.

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

I had heard of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl the year before when we did a long weekend trip in Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast.  Some of the studios were open on that weekend, but the art crawl brochure promised more than 100 artists showing!  A few months in advance I booked reservations for the ferries and we made a weekend out of it!

Our crawl plan was simple - get on an early ferry, drive to Earls cover (our Northern extreme) and then drive back to the ferry terminal over the course of the day.  I had about 6 stops in mind.

Our first stop at Earls cove was fun (the kids are amazing at finding candies and cookies).  Our second stop was the FibreWorks Studio & Gallery.  The kids found a station where they would teach you how to do your own felting.  We stayed quite a while they took on a project and we bought raw materials so the kids could do felting at home.

Felting WoolFelting Needles And Small FiguresKids Felting Mushroom CapsNara With Mushroom Cap

We drove futher south stopping at painters and some larger collections of artists.  Parking at some of these homes can be a bit of challenge so bring your boots because the walk can be muddy. 

Maple Leaves Over Sword FernsWalking Long Driveway

One our favorite artists is Greta Guzek in Gibsons.  She shows at the Ian Tan gallery about a block from our house so we have seen lots of her paintings.  The kids loved her studio and she showed the kids how she mixes colours and applies colour over the whole painting.  The kids got two prints for hanging up in their rooms.
PaintbrushesPaint Mixing Cups

We stopped in lots of other studios, but these were some of the favorites. 


This year we were invited by Nara's friends parents to join them in Douglas Park Area for some trick or treating. 

Crowds At Houses

Leaving Pink HouseYelling Trick Or Treat
Douglas Park is a zoo.  There are sometimes line ups to get to the front door.  The sidewalks are crowded with parents and strollers.  It's great fun!

Fireworks In ParkGroup Photo Looking Aside

Kids In Pumpkin Patch
Person: Nara, Claira
Altitude: 24m (78 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: farm, pumpkin
Arabella Playing Camera Tag
Person: Arabella
Kids Playing On Tractor
Winter Luxury Pumpkin
Altitude: 24m (78 feet)
Location: Go To...
Yelling Trick Or Treat
Kids Felting Mushroom Caps
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: art crawl, craft
Claira Waiting For Cake Walk Number
Person: Claira
Labeled Pumpkins
Altitude: 27m (88 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: pumpkin
Nara Walking Around Cake Walk
Person: Nara
Fireworks In Park
Altitude: 53m (173 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: fireworks
Sisters Watching Burn Pile
Tags: barn, fire, long exposure, sparks
Paint Mixing Cups
Tags: art crawl, paint
Scooter Ride With Great Grandpa
Person: Claira, Helen, Nara, Philip
Sparks Rising From Burn Pile
Tags: barn, fire, night, sparks
Nara With Mushroom Cap
Person: Nara
Altitude: 59m (193 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: art crawl, craft, mushroom
Claira In Corn Row
Person: Claira
Altitude: 22m (72 feet)
Location: Go To...
Nara Eating Rice Crispie Cake
Person: Nara
Kids Running From Tag
Group Photo Looking Aside
Person: Nara
Altitude: 54m (177 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: costume, Halloween
Lifted High In Tractor Bucket
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: riding, tractor
Kids Near Hen House
Person: Arabella, Claira, Lexi May, Nara
Walking Long Driveway
Altitude: 194m (636 feet)
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Tags: fall colour, Sunshine Coast
Arabella Eating Dinner
Person: Arabella, Shelton
Crowds At Houses
Altitude: 56m (183 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: crowd, Halloween, night, panorama, Vancouver
Felting Wool
Altitude: 55m (180 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: art crawl, textiles
Claira Playing With Balloon
Person: Claira
Tags: balloon
Lexi Running From Camera
Dinner In Wagon
Nara Playing Camera Tag
Person: Nara
Arabella Running From Camera
Person: Arabella
Claira Sharing Rice Crispie Cake
Person: Claira
Tags: cake
Claira With Pink Fluffy
Person: Claira
Tags: dessert
Claira Running Camera Tag
Person: Claira
Maple Leaves Over Sword Ferns
Altitude: 193m (633 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: fall colour, fern
Riding On Tractor Bucket
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: riding, tractor
More Scrap On Wood Pile
Tags: fire, sparks
Felting Needles And Small Figures
Altitude: 55m (180 feet)
Location: Go To...
Claira Having Fortune Told
Person: Claira
Tags: art crawl, paint brush, Sunshine Coast
Leaving Pink House
Altitude: 54m (177 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: art crawl(5), sparks(3), fire(3), pumpkin(2), craft(2), riding(2)
People: Claira(13), Nara(11), Arabella(4), Shelton(1), Lexi May(1), Helen(1)
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