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November 2009

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Wandering Around Chinatown

Light From Dry Goods Store
I really like Chinatown.  Helen and have our favorite haunts for breakfast or buying groceries.  We had an afternoon free so we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood before we picked up steamed buns.

Roast Duck And Chicken In Window Moon Over Chinese BABuilding

Winter Melon With Clever Large Steam Tray At New Town
Wandering around, we were a little sad for the neighborhood.  The city really is marching towards chinatown and I'm not sure how much longer the land can stay as it is.  To make matters worse, many of the workers in Chinatown are older than average for retail and I suspect their core clients are going the same way.  Eventually the demographics will erode the neighborhood. 

Foo Ho Ho Restaurant

We were reminded that if you want to keep a neighborhood, you need to patronize it.

Seattle for the Weekend

Helen and I had a free weekend so we decided to make a go down to Seattle for the weekend to visit friends.  Turns out it was American Thanksgiving weekend so shopping was a little more crazy than usual.  We tried to mix going outside with shopping so I got a bit of time to take photos.

Snoqualmie Falls Snoqualmie Falls With Fog
Amenda has a photo of Snoqualmie falls on her fridge.  I did a bit of searching on the internet and found out it isn't that far from Seattle - about 25 miles East on I-90.  We drove out and found the Lodge no problem - lots of parking.  There are nice vantage points all fenced in and tourists everywhere snapping photos.  A few surprises - the falls have a large power plant next to them so you really want a view that minimizes the plant.  The falls are hidden from the sun well before sunset.  If you are looking for a "good" shot, you are in for some hiking and the hiking trails weren't obvious, but they are there.

Seattles Best CoffeeOld International Truck Outside Public Market
Pike Place Public Market is a favorite market for me.  I have taken way more photos in this market than I have at Granville Island - the Vancouver equivilant.  There are a number of vendors selling photos in the market which gives you a little kick to do a better job yourself.

Produce Market Outside Pike Place Market

Inside Produce MarketBrussel Sprouts Kids Love Em
Compared to Granville Island, Pike Place is more of a tourist destination and less of a real shopping destination.  I sometimes feel bad for the vendors - lots of tourists taking photos, almost no customers.  Perhaps there are better times, but I can't say I've ever seen a crowd of people carrying groceries.

Wreaths Of Peppers

  Bread Of Life Mission
Another Seattle favorite for me is Elliot Bay books.  Books usually print the prices in US and Canadian dollars on them so when the Canadian dollar gets strong it's like all the books in the US go on sale.  Elliot Bay is in the pioneer square area which has some beautiful old architecture.

State Hotel Rooms 75 c
Yellow Light On Ocean
A final new place for me - Discovery Park / Fort Lawton.  This park used to be a military base and is now a city park.  It's big - we hiked for at least 5 km.  There are great views of Bainbridge island across Puget Sound.  We were a little disappointed to find the lighthouse was undergoing repairs and was completly scaffolded/tented when we visted.  Oh well - a good reason to come back!

Ferry Off Bainbridge Island Discovery Park Lighthouse Shrouded

Thanks for having us over Amenda!

Wreaths Of Peppers
Altitude: 54m (177 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: peppers, produce, Seattle
Ferry Off Bainbridge Island
Altitude: 75m (246 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: dark clouds, light horizon, ferry, high contrast, landscape
Foo Ho Ho Restaurant
Tags: neon, Vancouver Chinatown
Light From Dry Goods Store
Tags: street photography, Vancouver Chinatown
Old International Truck Outside Public Market
Altitude: 36m (118 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: market, Seattle, truck
Snoqualmie Falls
Altitude: 125m (410 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: hotel, waterfall
Yellow Light On Ocean
Altitude: 1m (3 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: beach, dark clouds, light horizon
Snoqualmie Falls With Fog
Altitude: 123m (403 feet)
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Produce Market Outside Pike Place Market
Tags: market, Seattle
Roast Duck And Chicken In Window
Tags: roast meat, Vancouver Chinatown
Inside Produce Market
Seattles Best Coffee
Tags: neon, Seattle
Winter Melon With Clever
Tags: fruit, knife, market, Vancouver Chinatown
Large Steam Tray At New Town
Tags: bamboo steamer, steam, Vancouver Chinatown
Moon Over Chinese BABuilding
Tags: Vancouver Chinatown
Bread Of Life Mission
Altitude: 8m (26 feet)
Location: Go To...
Discovery Park Lighthouse Shrouded
Brussel Sprouts Kids Love Em
Tags: market, produce, Seattle, sign
State Hotel Rooms 75 c
Tags: Vancouver Chinatown(6), Seattle(5), market(4), neon(2), dark clouds, light horizon(2), produce(2)
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