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December 2005
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I really shouldn't work so much

Helen Stepping Out
Really - this all started as my girl friend's idea.  Helen is cross county skiing a few times a week so she wasn't so keen on adding another day just after a day of lessons.  I just wanted to get outside (it's crazy time at work - 6 days a week of >12 hours).  I own snow shoes, Helen rented ($20 for snowshoes that probably cost less than $100 - Cypress must be making a killing) and we went for a short hike on the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Whisky Jack With Park RangerThere Is No Food

Helen At Howe Sound Lookout
The views (girlfriend and nature) really are terrific.  Much of this area has been logged so there are a few good view windows along the way. 

Bowen And Gibsons
The snow was surprising - There was about 1meter of snow on the ground at the alpine area and some areas of hiking had what appeared to be a meter of snow.  Other areas (in the lee of the hill, in trees was exposed earth with ice covering patches.   Some sections were easier covered in just winter boots rather than snow shoes.

Light On PeakLions Through The TreesLight Filtering Through Trees

Helen Making Dinner

We had a short day (perhaps 6 or 7 km of hiking). We came home and Helen made dinner.  How cool is that.

Seattle For New Years

Vegatables Outside
Christmas is always a crazy time and this year was no exception - a trip to Victoria and up Island and then after return to Vancouver, a quick trip down to Seattle for shopping, New Years and more shopping. 

Stand In Red Light

Shiney FruitShiny Belt Buckles
I love Seattle because it is so much a Twin to Vancouver - We have a great Market (Granville Island) they have a great Market (Pike Place).  We have water - they have water.  We have a Volcano looking over us (Mt Baker) they have a Volcano (Mt Raineer).  We have MEC, they have REI.  I can't imagine any other pair of cities paired over a border with so many similarities. 

The last time I was at the market it was summer and full of tourists.  This time it was winter (the light was so different) and much of the public space was unused.  The selection of fruit this time was limited to imports - very little seemed local.

Bright Lights On PhotosFruit Stand

New Years was lots of fun.  We had a great hot pot (thank to everyone who helped put it on) for dinner and played Taboo on the couch. 

Hot Pot

Whisky Jack With Park Ranger
Species: Perisoreus canadensis (gray jay)
Lions Through The Trees
Tags: Cypress Mountain, HDR, mountain, twin
There Is No Food
Person: Helen
Species: Perisoreus canadensis (gray jay)
Tags: hand feeding
Shiny Belt Buckles
Tags: market, Seattle
Vegatables Outside
Tags: market, neon, Seattle
Light On Peak
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Shiney Fruit
Tags: market, produce
Bowen And Gibsons
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Helen Making Dinner
Hot Pot
Fruit Stand
Tags: market, produce, Seattle
Stand In Red Light
Tags: market, neon, produce, Seattle
Light Filtering Through Trees
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Bright Lights On Photos
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Helen At Howe Sound Lookout
Person: Helen
Helen Stepping Out
Person: Helen
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