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December 2008

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Snow in Vancouver

Snow in Vancouver isn't common so when we got a run of cold weather followed by a snow storm, it was a change from the usual.

Seagull Keeping WarmTicket On Snowed In Car

Helen On Sea Wall
Helen and I had some time and driving to errands was out of the question (not that we do that much anyways) so we decided to do an extended walk to Granville Island to take in the sights.  Vancouver isn't exactly the city of snowplows so road conditions were pretty bad.  Sidewalks were also terrible so the walk took longer than it normally would.

Cambie Street One LaneSnowed In Dock

The seawall had a number of surprises.  I've never seen anyone cross country ski around the sea wall, but we saw two skiiers pass by (in opposite directions).  The water was starting to freeze and tiny slush icebergs formed a skin on the ocean.  The ducks that normally hang out in the area had a coating of snow on their backs and left trail behind them as they pushed through the ice.  Tough day to be a duck.s

Cross Country Skier On SeawallFalse Creek Starting To FreezeMallards Pushing Through Ice
The final blow was Alder Bay frozen.  This is salt water - pacific ocean - that separates Granville Island from the rest of the sea wall.  I was quite surprised to see it locked in ice and snow building up on the surface.   It had obviously been cold recently.

  Alder Bay In Snow

I was the Comox Valley for Christmas and had a few hours free.  Helen and I decided to drive up and take a walk around. 

Icicles Off RoofAntiques And Services

Cumberland is a small town that hasn't take off like the surrounding towns of Courtney/Comox.  The place is almost completely free franchised retail - everything here was created by locals.  (The recognizable retail was the liquor store, post office and gas station).  Most of these stores have been used for multiple purposes over the years (my favorite was the old movie theater).

Ilo IloThe Patch Big Store
Riding Fool HostelKick Ass Coffee
 Happy New Years!

New Years Snuggle
Happy new years parties have been a tradition for 10+ years for my friends.  This years party was a bit smaller than most, but not less fun.   Lets go over the essentials:

You Will Split That Field
The game of the night was agricola.  This is a new game but many of the elements are familiar from other games (especially another favorite of ours - Puerto Rico).  This was our first game to conclusion and we are still mastering the rules - we made a few minor errors, but otherwise executed well.  Like most of our favorite games, there are a variety of ways to win and generally following the same strategy as someone else will lead to neither of you winning.
Two Person HouseTaking Over The WorldAdding Up Points

One Bartender
A great new years party has a bar tender.  Eric did excellent service making sure everyone was topped up with drink.  The most common thing I heard was "bitters" - a number of drinks he made were complex concoctions blending bitters and other booze.  Sean graciously provided most of the bar.

A Small Collection Of Booze

Order In Some PizzaHave Some Bubbly
What else?  Sean did a "everyone bring a snack" which was an excellent idea.  We ordered out Pizza which arrived hot an fairly quickly (a big surprise to me - I figured most delivery places would be swamped).  Nearing the appointed time, champagne was poured and we found a streaming TV station to show a countdown.  (Cable and even TV tuners is starting to be a rarity among the circle of friends). 

Party kept going after midnight.  The Wii came out and the group games came out.  Helen had to work the next morning so this is where I stepped out.  Thanks everyone for the great party!

Playing Wii

A Small Collection Of Booze
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Ticket On Snowed In Car
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Ilo Ilo
Altitude: 164m (538 feet)
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Adding Up Points
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Kick Ass Coffee
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Helen On Sea Wall
Person: Helen
One Bartender
Person: Eric
Two Person House
Person: Sean
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Cross Country Skier On Seawall
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Cambie Street One Lane
You Will Split That Field
Person: Mark, Michael
Mallards Pushing Through Ice
Species: Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)
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Icicles Off Roof
Altitude: 155m (508 feet)
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Taking Over The World
Person: Mark
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False Creek Starting To Freeze
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Have Some Bubbly
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New Years Snuggle
Person: Eric, Gabi
Playing Wii
Person: Catherine, Eric, Mark, Sean
Alder Bay In Snow
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Antiques And Services
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Seagull Keeping Warm
Riding Fool Hostel
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Snowed In Dock
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Order In Some Pizza
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The Patch Big Store
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