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December 2009

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Campbell River Area

With the Island highway, Campbell river isn't that far away from Comox (where my family lives).  Durring the summer, Helen and I spent some time in the north island (Hiking to Cape Scott) and driving through Campbell River I was reminded that there is probably nice things to see and do there too.  I had a bit of spare time so I decided to poke around for a bit.
Elk Falls From Viewing Platform Elk Falls From Old Trail
Elk Falls shows up high on any "to do" list for the Campbell river area.  In classic BC Parks tradition, there is a nice parking lot and a wide (probably wheel chair accessable) trail to a fenced in viewpoint.  Unlike most BC parks stops, there is a short trail from the safe viewpoint to an exposed slippery viewpoint.  The exposed slippery one was once official - the trail is concrete in parts - but the trail is now disused and tricky - not what you want when there are long falls close by.

Frosty Deactived Road
We stopped into town for lunch, walked around the spit for a bit (nice redevelopment what was once industrial land) and then drove up to do a wildlife loop that promised the possibility of seeing elk.   I've seen lots of Elk in my travels - you basically stumble over them in town in Banff.  Vancouver Island is has many signs warning you about Elk, but I have yet to see one on the island.  We took a drive around the loop (until the snow got too bad), but saw no Elk.  It was near golden hour (sunset), but was also foggy so the light was quite fun - good light is often good photgraphy.

Cut Block With Frost

As we gained elevation, the effects of the cold became more pronounced.  We passed a swamp where everything was coated in frost (including the water surface until I put my foot through it).  A larger lake was frozen over by a thin sheet of ice.  The combination of fog and light is always fun.

Mohun Lake Frozen Over Frosty Foggy Swamp

Time well spent - if I had my car (which has higher clearance and all wheel drive), it would have been interesting to push further.

Comox Valley

Trumpeter Swan At Farm
I should proably spend more time in the Comox Valley given how much family I have here.  My Mom was out shopping so my Dad and I went for a bit of a local drive.  Every winter the swans come to town to feed on the fields and wait until the Artic warms up again.  There are a number of good places in town to see swans but I have yet to find an easy place to take good photos - cover and an interesting background.  Swans are big birds so seeing them fly overhead is quite impressive.

Two Surf Scoters
We went out to the Comox coastline and went out looking for wildlife.  There are lots of ducks and shorebirds hanging out and with a good lens I'm sure there is lots to see.   We watched a large Sea Lion swim by (the birds didn't care) - I would love to know where he was off to.

Shorebirds Near Shore Three Types Of Shore Birds

Three Types Of Shore Birds
Species: Calidris alpina (Dunlin), Arenaria melanocephala (Black Turnstone), Pluvialis squatarola (Black-bellied Plover)
Frosty Deactived Road
Altitude: 197m (646 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: forest, frost, landscape, road
Frosty Foggy Swamp
Tags: fog, frost, monochromatic, swamp
Two Surf Scoters
Species: Melanitta perspicillata (Surf Scoter)
Shorebirds Near Shore
Mohun Lake Frozen Over
Altitude: 222m (728 feet)
Location: Go To...
Elk Falls From Viewing Platform
Altitude: 89m (291 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: waterfall
Cut Block With Frost
Altitude: 200m (656 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: forest, frost, panorama
Elk Falls From Old Trail
Altitude: 135m (442 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: waterfall
Trumpeter Swan At Farm
Species: Cygnus buccinator (Trumpeter Swan)
Tags: frost(3), forest(2), waterfall(2), panorama(1), monochromatic(1), fog(1)
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