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December 2022

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Claira is in Girl Guides.  For one of the meets, they booked the rink at Trout Lake and all of the kids went skating.  Nara didn't want to go so Claira, Helen and I went skating.  By the end of the session, Claira was getting pretty good at skating off the boards.
Claira And Helen On IceClaira And Helen Going Around Rink


The kids have the week off before Christmas - the parents aren't so lucky.  The plan was for the kids to go to the Island the weekend before and then the parents join them later.  Reality was a bit more mixed.  Claira got sick so we delayed the kids going over to just Nara on Sunday.  Claira had a doctors appointment but is snowed so hard the doctors office closed.  Claira did make it to Victoria, but it took a heroic trip to the ferry to make that happen.  Helen and I had a few days in the deep snow in Vancouver to finish off any last minute shopping and get ready for the holidays.

Christmas Eve at Butchart Gardens

Laser Illuminated TreesLaser Illuminators
My parents know the tricks to reserve tickets and managed to get us some Christmas Eve tickets - one of the most in demand nights.  While is rained most of the day, we were really lucky to get a foggy but not wet night.  My parents had tickets for three nights this year but for a variety or reasons, we were the only night that didn't get canceled.

Nara And Claira With View

The gardens in snow are of course amazing.  The snow diffuses the light but also reflects it around.  The fog does it's part as well, give literal atmosphere to the photos.

Sunken GardenWell Wrapped TreesFive Rings

Butchart does a lot of mix up the lighting all over the garden - there are new things to see as you get further into the gardens.

Sleigh PortraitTunnelLit Ornaments In Trees

Perhaps half way into the walk there is a stop for the Carousel.  (There is also a snack bar).  It was pretty busy - we had to wait for two cycles before the kids could get on, but what do you expect on Christmas eve.

Nara Posing For CameraNara Sticking Tongue OutClaira On Carousel

From here, the walk is downhill to the large buildings.

Silhouette Of ToriiFive Fountains

Primary Color TreesDragon FountainChristmas Orniments In Window

After opening gifts on Christmas morning, we often go out for a walk.  This year we picked Sidney as our place for a walk.   There is a sea wall and a few piers that are good for walk on this surprisingly dry day.  We have been here before in the summer for the ferry trip to Sidney Island.

Pelagic Cormorant On PilingPortrait On Pier
  Seal Waiting For HandoutsHarbour Seal PortraitLate Season Bull Kelp

As is tradition, we celebrated my Dads birthday in the evening.

Claira Bringing In Birthday CakeHappy Birthday Dad

Boxing Day in Courtney

Justin And Taylor
The next day we drove up to Courtney for a get together with the extended family. 

Raelynn is the newest family member - just over 90 days old.  She has the best feature - she can mostly hold her own head up. 
Baby Going To SleepRaelynn With Christmas TreeRaelynn In HandShelton With Raelynn
Dad With DessertKaylaMarcus With Pink Fluffy
  Bunch Of Grandkids

Piper Spit - Nanaimo

We had a reservations on the 4:45 sailing but we were about 30 minutes earlier than necessary so we took a brief diversion to check out a local park - Piper Spit.  The parking lot was nearly full.

Pipers Lagoon View Of Gabriola

Arbutus On Sandy Beach
There is spit and then and Island to walk around.  If the tide is low enough you can walk over to a second island, but we didn't have enough time today to spend the time to explore the park.  This park is shadowed by the hill behind us so we lost sun light well before sunset.  I'd like to come back here again for another longer visit.

Shack Island

Skating Again...

Claira Skating Hands Free
Our neighbors across the hall have a tradition of having a holiday party at an ice rink and they kindly invited us. Helen was at work so it was me and kids (and only one kids jacket).

Nara started by asking for a cone but after a few minutes she had regained her earlier skating skills.  Claira had been skating earlier in the month but still took a while to go from navigating the boards to skating on the open ice.  When the kids were young Nara got skating lessons but Claira didn't.  Every time we take Claira skating, she uses the opportunity to remind us.  Getting a booking for skating lessons is really hard.
Nara And Claira StartingHolding Hands Mid IceClaira Looking For The Wall

Thanks again for the ice time Chris and Daphne!  We look forward to seeing you again!


Dad With Dessert
Person: Lloyd
Tags: dessert
Well Wrapped Trees
Tags: Butchart Gardens, garden, lights, monochromatic, snow, tree
Christmas Orniments In Window
Laser Illuminators
Claira On Carousel
Person: Claira
Tags: Butchart Gardens, carousel
Person: Kayla
Portrait On Pier
Person: Helen, Janet, Nara
Marcus With Pink Fluffy
Person: Marcus
Raelynn With Christmas Tree
Late Season Bull Kelp
Species: Nereocystis luetkeana (Bull Kelp)
Tags: kelp
Sleigh Portrait
Nara Posing For Camera
Tags: carousel
Raelynn In Hand
Seal Waiting For Handouts
Justin And Taylor
Person: Justin
Five Fountains
Happy Birthday Dad
Person: Lloyd
Tags: birthday cake, cake, candlelight
Arbutus On Sandy Beach
Altitude: 4m (13 feet)
Location: Go To...
Baby Going To Sleep
Claira And Helen On Ice
Person: Claira, Helen
Tags: skating
Laser Illuminated Trees
Tags: Butchart Gardens, tree
Pelagic Cormorant On Piling
Species: Phalacrocorax pelagicus (Pelagic Cormorant)
Lit Ornaments In Trees
Nara Sticking Tongue Out
Claira And Helen Going Around Rink
Person: Claira, Helen
Tags: skating
Primary Color Trees
Tags: Butchart Gardens, lights, snow
Pipers Lagoon View Of Gabriola
Location: Go To...
Tags: beach, freighter
Shack Island
Location: Go To...
Nara And Claira With View
Person: Claira, Nara
Sunken Garden
Tags: Butchart Gardens, garden, lights, night, snow
Nara And Claira Starting
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: skating
Claira Bringing In Birthday Cake
Person: Claira
Tags: birthday cake, cake, candlelight
Bunch Of Grandkids
Person: Arabella, Claira, Marcus, Nara
Silhouette Of Torii
Tags: Butchart Gardens, silhouette, torii
Claira Looking For The Wall
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: skating
Claira Skating Hands Free
Person: Claira
Tags: skating
Holding Hands Mid Ice
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: skating
Dragon Fountain
Tags: Butchart Gardens, dragon, fountain, snow
Shelton With Raelynn
Harbour Seal Portrait
Species: Phoca vitulina (Harbor Seal)
Tags: marine mammal
Five Rings
Tags: Butchart Gardens, lights
Tags: Butchart Gardens(8), skating(6), snow(4), lights(4), birthday cake(2), cake(2)
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