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Norvan Falls

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Us In Field
North Shore hiking has advantages and disadvantages.  The biggest advantage is that it's close and it can be pretty cool on a hot summer day.  On the minus side, it can be busy, full of roots and because it was all clear cut around the end of the previous century - a little bit boring.   I've been hiking here before - in 1999, nine of us did a short hike around the loop and in back in 1998, I believe 5 of us made it to the falls.  This year we had 7 people.

Notched Stump

This valley was once filled giant cedar trees.  Like several other north shore hikes, there are now huge stumps that stand testiment to how large these trees used to be.  Thankfully there are a few older trees along the trail to remind you what this valley will some day look like again. 

Shortly after we started hiking we found this huge group of hikers coming up behind us.  There were at least two dozen people there and I was kind of worried about a really crowded day.  When we got to the turn off for Lynn Peak and we found even more hikers.  Turns out this was a hiking club and they were all going up to the peak.  Cool.

Busy Intersection

One of my favorite parts of this hike is the overlook.  You have done a bit of hiking to get up here and you are rewarded with both a view and the a nice place to hang out for a snack.

Large Cedar TreeSitting At Overlook

Cups Growing On The Ground
There are lots of details in the forest.  You are generally looking at your feet to avoid tripping on roots and you see lots of things going by. 

Ferns Growing Next To RoadSlime Mold

Standing On A Log Bridge

The brige over Norvan Creek is new to my memory.  It's pretty high tech - very tight steel cables and a fancy grid walking surface.  There is  quite a bit of bounce as you walk its length.

Andrea On Far Side Of BridgeBridge Moving Around

Rather than crossing over, we headed up to the falls and had some lunch.  The falls, while not huge, are pretty fantastic.  The sun wasn't falling directly on the falls so the exposure was a bit tricky - it's amazing what photoshop can do.

Jin And Jesse At WaterfallHelen With Waterfall

On the way back I noticed the light falling on a small tree.  There was a hole in the foliage that lit up the ground and this one tree was taking full advantage of the light.  Given my difficulty with photographing trees, I did my best to take advantage.

Tree Growing In Bright Spot

Slime Mold
Species: Physarum polycephalum (Many-headed Slime)
Tags: mushroom
Jin And Jesse At Waterfall
Person: Jesse, Jin
Tags: hiking, waterfall
Bridge Moving Around
Tags: abstract, bridge, motion blur
Us In Field
Person: Andrea, Bob, Helen, Jesse, Jin, John, Kat
Standing On A Log Bridge
Person: Andrea, Bob, Jesse, Jin, Kat
Tags: bridge, hiking
Helen With Waterfall
Person: Helen
Altitude: 355m (1164 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: waterfall
Andrea On Far Side Of Bridge
Tags: bridge, hiking
Busy Intersection
Tags: crowd, hiking, panorama, stump
Cups Growing On The Ground
Species: Peziza badio-confusa ()
Tags: mushroom
Notched Stump
Tags: stump
Large Cedar Tree
Tags: tree
Tree Growing In Bright Spot
Tags: dappled light, forest, hiking, trail, tree
Ferns Growing Next To Road
Species: Blechnum spicant (Deer Fern)
Tags: fern, trail
Sitting At Overlook
Person: Andrea, Bob, Helen, Jin, Kat
Altitude: 326m (1069 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: hiking(5), bridge(3), tree(2), trail(2), mushroom(2), stump(2)
People: Jin(4), Andrea(3), Bob(3), Helen(3), Jesse(3), Kat(3)
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Great hiking photos! Great scenery! If you are ever in El Paso, Texas please feel free to hike with us. Thanks for sharing! Bob Medley
Bob Medley
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 at 19:54:29

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