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Princes Margaret Island Camping Trip (Summer 1992)

Runabout on the Beach

This trip laid down the template for all great summer camping trips.  The location was great - Princess Margaret Provincial Park on Portland Island, dropped of by Heather's dad.  The company was great - mostly friends from High School and Chris Wilson, a friend of St. Mikes.  And an always eventfull start - we abducted Mike.  (Mike thought he was dropping off Eric - he didn't know that Eric had already packed all of Mikes stuff for the weekend.

We found the best spot on the Island to camp (a lovely point with a sandy beach) and set up the Tents.  Heather brought a carnaval tent made out of canvas designed to sleep about 200.

Eric Setting up CampSitting at Camp Watching

Heather was nice enough to plan and pack our meals.  She used a guide book to figure out what to bring and quantities.  Unfortunatly, the guide book was designed for brownies (think 9 - 11 year old girls) and us 16 year olds eat a little more than that.  We "adjusted" while lusting after pizza delivery.

Sitting Around FirenThe Fish Was This Big!

What is there to do on the island?  We didn't really have any transportation off (we were worried the dingy would get carried away with the current) so we bonded (Mike got back into Role Playing after a long vaction) and we all made friends.

Jeremy Drinking By ArbutusGroup Hug

We also went for a hike around the island.  The hike took about an hour - we spent most the time looking for fast food outlets and wild berries and trying not to step on the slugs.  :>  We found a bug sampling tent, looking for some sort of moth I believe.

Walking Around the IslandMoth Tent

And all too soon it was over!  Heather's Dad picked us up (and all our gear - minus the huge canvas tent) and we sailed home.  Our first stop - the all you can eat Pizza Hut!

Chris Wilson at SunsetJohn Watching Sunset

Thanks Eric for saving you photos!  The island is now more developed (there are toilets and ferry runs from Sydney in the summer).


Walking Around the Island
Group Hug
Person: Jeremy
Sitting Around Firen
Person: Jeremy
Runabout on the Beach
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John Watching Sunset
Eric Setting up Camp
Person: Eric, John, Mark
Sitting at Camp Watching
Person: David, John, Mark, Michael
The Fish Was This Big!
Person: David, John, Mark, Michael
Chris Wilson at Sunset
Moth Tent
Person: Mark
Jeremy Drinking By Arbutus
Tags: beach, gulf island
Tags: gulf island(2), beach(2), boat(1)
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