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Pho Quoc Island
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A nice place for a snorkle

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Pho Quoc was our last major stop in our tour of Vietnam.   We booked three nights here and after some confusion (we booked our nights at Mai House, but when we arrived we were told they were full so we moved on) we arrived at Mango Bay.

Coming Up To Turtle Island
On the second day we booked a Snorkeling tour.  This trip went North from our resort to Fingernail Island and turtle Island.  Both snorkeling sites were excelent - lots of corals and fish.  Before we got in the water we were warned about the sea urchins.  These sea urchins are quite large and can be grazing close to the surface.  Stepping on them is bad.  Snorkeling over them in shallow water is kind of scary so ocassionally I needed to swim around.

Sea Urchins GrazingSwimming Over Spikes

I had my little underwater digital camera (Pentax Optio WPi) and quite enjoyed shooting.  Snorkling isn't the easiest way to just hang out and wait for a good photo or to brace yourself so what you get in photos is much less than what you actually see.

Feather Type Tube WormsHiding Under Coral HeadGreen Carpet
Anemone WIth Lots Of ArmsLots Of Rings

Dark Fish Over CoralYellow Fish Swimming By

Snapping pictures of fish really is hit and miss (and miss and miss) so you wind up spending quite a bit of time chasing fish around.  That said, there are quite a few nice fish to see so it's a fun job to persue. 

Yellow Eyed FishDark Fish On Brain Coral

Helen With AShell
By the end of the day I was sunburned, had a sores on my foot from where the fins rubbed and was tired, but I was also happy - I really do enjoy snorkeling. 

  Sadly, our stay on Pho Quoc couldn't last forever so that evening we went for a walk on the beach and took photos of the sunset.
Basket Boat On ShoreBoat On ShoreTour Boat At Sunset
Boats At SunsetHelen And IOn Beach

Basket Boat On Shore
Tags: boat, Vietnam
Helen With AShell
Tags: shell, snorkeling
Helen And IOn Beach
Person: Helen, John
Tour Boat At Sunset
Tags: boat, sunset, Vietnam
Dark Fish Over Coral
Tags: fish, underwater, Vietnam
Anemone WIth Lots Of Arms
Tags: underwater, Vietnam
Sea Urchins Grazing
Species: Diadema setosum (Setosum Spined Urchin)
Tags: sea urchin, underwater, Vietnam
Dark Fish On Brain Coral
Tags: fish, underwater, Vietnam
Swimming Over Spikes
Tags: sea urchin, underwater, Vietnam
Yellow Fish Swimming By
Species: Pomacentrus moluccensis (Lemon Damsel)
Tags: fish, underwater
Boat On Shore
Tags: beach, boat, Vietnam
Yellow Eyed Fish
Tags: fish, underwater, Vietnam
Hiding Under Coral Head
Tags: underwater
Coming Up To Turtle Island
Altitude: 4m (13 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: boat, Vietnam
Green Carpet
Tags: underwater, Vietnam
Feather Type Tube Worms
Tags: underwater, Vietnam
Lots Of Rings
Tags: underwater, Vietnam
Boats At Sunset
Tags: beach, boat, sunset, Vietnam
Tags: Vietnam(14), underwater(11), boat(5), fish(4), sea urchin(2), beach(2)
People: Helen(1), John(1)
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I have been googling for info on vietnam & laos & came accross your site. Nice information & Very nice pictures. started Planning for one in Nov this year.
Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 07:35:24

thank you for sharing; we're trying to select our Phu Quoc destination
Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 at 11:57:23

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