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Sunrise At Jerhicho Pier
This is 438 Photos taken 11 seconds apart. I started at 6:20am and sunrise was at 7:37am. The previous week I went to Jericho to photograph birds and noticed a great sunrise. This week the sunrise was windy but just ho-hum light. That said, I did see some nice shore birds this week which I didn't see last week. Lens was set to 40mm if it helps.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2021 to 2005 > October 2020 > Sunrise At Jerhicho Pier

Clouds Rolling Over Downtown From Cypress
This is 215 images at 10 seconds each - roughly 35 minutes elapsed. I had to stop because the exposure what out of range - I could no longer take 10 seconds exposures.

The exposure was shot auto and then corrected in post which wasn't easy. There is some motion in the tripod - I think got warmer or I touched it a bit. I corrected the motion in post. I have blended the images to make this a 45fps video and to try and remove some of the residual brightness flickering.

John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2021 to 2005 > January 2016 > Clouds Rolling Over Downtown From Cypress