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Common Carpet Moth
This wasn't very large, but I knew it wasn't a cabbage white.
Tags: insect
Species: Epirrhoe alternata (White-banded Toothed Carpet Moth, common carpet)

John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2021 to 2005 > Prince Rupert Road Trip > Prince Rupert > Common Carpet Moth

False Tiger Moth
I have seen these moths on my last few visit - they are large, brightly coloured and active during the day. I had tried taking photos while they were in flight, but they are so active I always failed. This trip I tried harder to find them on plants and had some luck!
Species: Dysphania militaris (False Tiger Moth)

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > Hong Kong 11 > False Tiger Moth

Clouded Magpie
Apparently they try to look like bird poo.
Tags: Hong Kong
Species: Abraxas sylvata (Clouded Magpie)

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > Hong Kong 13 > Clouded Magpie