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A Weekend on Salt Spring

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Our adventure on a little piece of yuppie paradise.

Ferry Terminal

All good Gulf Island trips start with reservations on BC Ferries.  From Vancouver there are two ferries a day - one in the morning and one in the evening.  We got morning reservations on the milk run from Vancouver.  When you have reservations you want to make sure you are there at least 40 minuets before the sailing.

Studies Bay, Galiano Island

First we crossed the Straight of Georgia and heading toward Galiano.  A passing super ferry "Spirit of Vancouver Island" is here in front of Mayne Island just past the Active Pass Light House.  Our first stop was Sturdies Bay on Galiano island.  After Galiano we visited Mayne, Pender and then Salt Spring so we spent nearly 3 hours on the ferry.

Spirit of Vancouver Island

The Bed and Breakfast

Sunset Farm

We stayed at Sunset Farms.  It's a working farm and available for rent for 3 nights or more.  The farm house is log construction with lots of "farm home" touches. 

Chairs on DeckFlowers on DeckThe Living Room

The home owners use the barn at the bottom of the drive to maintain the animals.  There is a donkey which is allergic to grass and a big pig with a few piglets.  During the summer most of the sheep are on other pastures but a few of the pets and show animals are still home.  At night the owners bring the sheep in to protect against any predators.

Petting The DonkeySheep Grazing

Blackhead SheepSmall Ball of Sheep

The farm house was a great base of operations.  The farm has a badminton court and a wonderful view toward the main land.  It's about a 10 minuet drive to Ganges and the rest of the island. The roads are very hilly, but good for biking up and down.

Playing BadmintonSunset Off Deck

Saturday Market

One of Salt Springs' claims to fame is it's Saturday Market.  The market is in Ganges and is going full steam by 9:30 or so.  The market is mostly local artists selling their art and farm products.  Sunset farms has a stand where they sell sheep skins, candles, lamb and local made soaps.



JournalsPainted CartSmall Ball of SheepWool Scarves and Blankets

The sales people are often the artists so you can ask questions about how things are made, durability or any special care requirements.  Then candle vendor was especially funny - he kept telling us how to make fireballs with his products!

Mt. Maxwell

Mt Maxwell is one of the higher peaks on the island and has a road up to the top.  We went for a short hike (across the parking lot) and took in the views.

Farms Toward FulfordKnee SlappingSean and Thao

The view itself is pretty spectacular - this is the view west across Sansom Narrows.  The mountains on the left are part of Salt Spring - far left is Mount Belcher and to the right of that is Mt. Sulivan.  The bay on the left is Burgoyne bay.  On the other side of the water, the large area is Maple Mtn Centennial Park.


Clear CutsThe mountain on the left has been given a pretty poor hair cut - large sections have been clear cut.  The little note says
"These clear cuts have been brought to you by
Texada Land Corp. Dorman Timber and sponsored by
Manulife Insurance"
I can imagine there are a number of locals who aren't too happy about the logging (it certainly is ugly.)

These little flowers we a bit of a surprise - they are a few steps down the path from the views.
Rock and Flowers

So this is us at the top - amazing views and the backgrounds aren't bad either <grin>.

Group Shot on Mt. MaxwellGroup Shot toward Fulford

Boat Tour in Ganges

Sean has wanted to take a boat out for a while and what better place than Ganges Harbour?  We rented the boat for 2 hours for about $65 and with no training and a map we left behind we headed out into the ocean!

Sean at Start3 in Boat

Ganges Harbour has lots of little islands with houses on them.  Most of these houses are full time residences - they are very nice homes!

House on RockHouse with Boat

We stopped on a shell beach at the last of the three sisters islands.  The island has a short but view filled trail and some great trees.

Shell BeachGuys in Trees

Small Ball of Sheep
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Petting The Donkey
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Painted Cart
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Playing Badminton
Person: Andrea, Mark
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3 in Boat
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Shell Beach
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Group Shot on Mt. Maxwell
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Small Ball of Sheep
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House with Boat
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Sean and Thao
Studies Bay, Galiano Island
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Guys in Trees
Person: Jesse, Mark, Sean
Sean at Start
Person: Sean
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Sheep Grazing
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Flowers on Deck
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Farms Toward Fulford
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Clear Cuts
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Wool Scarves and Blankets
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Sunset Off Deck
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The Living Room
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Sunset Farm
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House on Rock
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Spirit of Vancouver Island
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Group Shot toward Fulford
Knee Slapping
Ferry Terminal
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Rock and Flowers
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Chairs on Deck
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Blackhead Sheep
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From: John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - A Weekend on Salt Spring
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I want to address the comment on the "ugly clearcuts", as a former logger and a B.C. economic refuge living in Alberta I say to you spoiled British Columbians, even with the clearcuts (that will grow trees again) you still live in the most beautiful part of the world. So let some people make a living off the land and you enjoy the beauty around you. Its still better than these bald, flat prairies.
Gary Holland
Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 18:34:39

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