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Keauhou Kona Surf & Racquet

We planned this trip just as we were wrapping up the SledStorm project and wanted to include as many people as possible - so make it as cheap as possible, but not camping.  Given the budget, 6 people signed up and we would up needing 5 beds for as cheap as possible.  With a weak Canadian dollar.  In paradise.  Right.

The Broken Building Next Door

Okay - not quite that bad.  I did a lot of research on the net (looked at at least 40 places) and called the major vacation rental services and gave them my requirements.  One vacation rental service got back to us with an amazing offer - 8 days, 5 beds (3 of them singles, 2 queens), 3 bathrooms, garden view for just over $1000 US including taxes!  That works out to about $20 US a person day - comparable with some of the campgrounds I've stayed in!

Our BuildingView From Our Suite

Our DeckDeck ChairsUpstairs and Downstairs

You never really know what a place is like until you arrive, and there were a few surprises - no air conditioning, much larger than we were expecting and the kitchen was much better equipped.  The no air conditioning was a bit of a let down, but in retrospect, it was probably a good thing.  The apartment has good air flow, a large screened in area and I think we were better acclimatized to deal with the outside.

Resort at SunsetRolling Clouds at Sunset

The resort is on a black lava beach, but swimming would quickly kill you - waves crashing onto sharp lava.  Thankfully, just down the street (perhaps a 5 minute walk) is Kahalu'u Beach - a great place for snorkeling and swimming.

Water Washed RocksWater Fog on RockSilhouetted Cars at Sunset

Every time I go somewhere tropical, I wind up taking a picture of a gecko (see Kauai and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).  From what I understand, the fill a similar ecological niche as spiders do and they are much cuter to look at.  Because the apartment had mostly vaulted ceilings I didn't get many good opportunities, but they were a nice sight to see.

Gecko Between GlassGecko on Door Frame

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Water Fog on Rock
Tags: beach, rock, sunset, wave
View From Our Suite
Resort at Sunset
Tags: resort
Our Building
Tags: Hawaii, hotel
Gecko Between Glass
Species: Phelsuma laticauda (Gold Dust Day Gecko)
Tags: gecko, Hawaii
Gecko on Door Frame
Species: Phelsuma laticauda (Gold Dust Day Gecko)
Tags: gecko, Hawaii
Silhouetted Cars at Sunset
Tags: sunset
Water Washed Rocks
Tags: beach, rock, sunset, wave
Rolling Clouds at Sunset
Tags: resort, sunset
The Broken Building Next Door
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Our Deck
Deck Chairs
Upstairs and Downstairs
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From: John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > Maui > The Big Island of Hawaii > The Resort

I understand that the little green geckos are not native to Hawaii. The brown ones (not as cute nor as pretty, are native to Hawaii and much more helpful to our ecological ballance. One major difference, seems to be in the habits of these two very different geckos. Another aspect of these cute little geckos is that they leave their calling cards everywhere. So, though we do appreciate their help in decimating the insect population, they do leave a mess behind. Thanks for this website. Hildi Vieira
hildi vieira
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007 at 10:56:26

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